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The Taylormadefilmz Crew had been active again and produced a great Video including a philosophical character. Enjoy!


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Splitboard Video Update 01
Splitboard Video Update Vol.1
07 November | Action Video

Within this new series we are going to present you a selection of well worth seeing splitboard clips you may have missed on Facebook&Co till now, didn't you?

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Aiguille du Fruit Summit
Aiguille du Fruit - a childhood dream becomes reality
25 October | Splitboard Story, Action Video

The Aiguille du Fruit is one of the most impressive mountains in Courchevel. You can see it from all over the ski-resort and here you can watch a video how it is summited at perfect conditions with a splitboard.

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On top
Secret Splitfest 2016
22 May | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Here you get the little recap of our Secret Splitfest 2016 - video included.

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Cabana Valea Sambetei
Splitboard Memories from the Carpathians
03 May | Splitboard Story, Action Video

As manifold as the Romanian mountains are, are the impressions that reach us from there. Lonely adventures of hardship and easy going sessions, the film "Follow your path" of our Polish splitboard friends captures these moods.

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Two of the Crew
White Smoke and Smiles
26 April | Splitboard Story, Action Video

This article is about pure pleasure and heavy pain with which everyone of us can be confronted within minutes or even a second. Thanks to TaylorMadeFilmz for sharing this story and remember that life is precious, so embrace the good times with good friends and maximise the mind blowing feelings.  

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At the Rognons Glacier
Splitboarding in Chamonix - one week of pure mountain pleasure
17 April | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Chamonix: Red wine, huts and inspiring landscapes had been the essence of this unforgettable splitboard touring week at the maybe best known skiing resort of France.

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pic: Terje Valen Høihjelle
Norway - a never ending splitboard season
25 September | Splitboard Story, Action Video

First turns of the winter! Shortly a week before the season starts in the Eastern Alps, in Norway it never ended.

Never ended? Watch the video!

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Splitboard Mission France
Find Snowboarding - FRENCH ALPS
13 September | Splitboard Story, Action Video

Passion and the thirst for adventure gave Thomas and Bjorn the drive to discover the loneliness and great landscape of the high alpine French Alps, sure the only way to access is the splitboard.

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Splitboard Freeride Mission Nallo
Splitboarding at Nallo - North Sweden
05 May | Splitboard Story, Action Video

It`s February in North Sweden, the weather is stabil and Daniel Furberg, founder and CEO of Furberg Snowboards and to other "Snow Pros" do some touring in the beautiful area of Kebnekaise. Check out the Video "Nallo - A Freeride Mission".

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