Stompede Dawn Patrol 17-18

Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Stompede

Season: 2017/18
Price (SRP) from: 559€
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Included: Prowder hooks und Clips

Length: 163cm  168cm  
Weight: 3.000g  3.200g  

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Riding Style / Field of use

The Dawn Patrol had been the most difficult board for us to judge. After 10 days of intensive testing we are able to give an opinion. Incredibly agile it feels more than a skateboard or a short surfboard.
Freestyle, 70%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 70%
Speed, 70%

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

Incredibly agile you swim, ride, and carve through all different kinds of snow conditions. Maybe the easiest way to give you a glimpse of what it is, is to compare it with a skateboard or a short surfboard.
If you put your weight mainly on the rear foot, it floats pretty well. If you push it to much forward you quickly do a duck dive. After the first duck dive you know what to do and the peculiarity is easy to handle.

Changing edges goes quick like flying a wingsuit. So it is great for narrow couloirs and tight treeruns as well. Pressure, yes the Dawn Patrol likes pressure on the edge and a clean way of riding. Than you get most out of it and the edgegrip is on spot.

On ascend everything is fine. Due to the relatively narrow shape you get a good grip even on steeper traverses. For kickturns, as soon as you lift your foot the nose pops up and you turn with ease, so it is very good balanced. Regarding the uniqueness in riding and the great price the Dawn Patrol would win the Price/Performance competition if we would have launched it.


Riding, 85%
Agility, %100
Edgegrip, %70
Uphill, 80%
Traversing, %70
Weight, %90
Features, 65%
Finishing, %70
Sustainability, %60

The Dawn Patrol Carbon Splitboard is the perfect choice for virgin powderfaces and steep couloirs. The weight of the bombproof construction can be kept low, due to the use of carbon fiber laminates. This means you can save some energy on the way up.
But don't let yourself be fooled: This board is an uncompromising shred machine. It craves for speed and wants to take every drop, launch from every bump and send the biggest sprays on the mountain.
The Dawn Patrol Carbon Split comes with Karakoram Ultraclips and tip-/tail-clips.

Compared to last season it got a bit wider so even more fun in pow.


Length (cm)



Nose Width (mm)



Waist Width (mm)



Tail Width (mm)



Turning Radius (m)



Stance Width (cm)

60 (54 - 66)

62 (56 - 68)

Setback (mm)



Surface Area

4151 cm²

4519 cm²


Medium - Stiff

Medium - Stiff

Profile Stomped 15-16


Stompede Snowboards is a young label from Innsbruck. Its mission is to reduce the barrier to entry for freeriding. The high-quality boards are only available through their online-shop at This uncompromising reduction of distribution costs allows them to only use top-quality materials and innovative shapes, while offering prices that are significantly cheaper than comparable products from other brands.

  • Directional
  • Reverse Sidecut
  • Esche-Pappel Holzkern, vertikal laminiert
  • 360° Kante
  • Quadraxiales Glasfasergelege
  • Gesinterter IS7200 Belag
  • ABS Seitenwangen
  • Prowder Clips und Hooks
  • Fertig gewachst und fahrbereit