Splitboard Winterstick

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Winterstick

Season: 2011/12
Price (SRP) from: 900€
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Length: 162cm  166cm  172cm  184cm  

The American company Winterstick manufactures a line of 3 splitboards, from the "powder-swallow" to the speedoriented freeride board.

They're 40 years on the market and build quality handcrafted snowboards, beside the mainstream. The Winterstick splitboards are handmade by people living in the mountains, for people playing in the mountains and enjoying the backcountry.

Winterstick ST: This splitboard is versatile and suitable for riders who enjoy steeps and technical terrain needing good stability. It is available in lengths of 162cm and 166cm.

Winterstick Swallowtail Split: This is the powder-swallow, it has been further developed for over 30 years, the Winterstick Swallowtail is a highly oriented powder board with good handling on hardpack and crud as well. The length is 184cm. You ride effortlessly in powder, so the manufacturers.

Winterstick Tom Burt: Is a Spltboard with straighter side cut with taper, which makes the board narrower in the tail than in the nose. So you get lots of flotation in deep pow. It is built for speed, say the guys of Winterstick snowboards. "The faster you ride, the better it performes. The Tom Burt is a board for technical terrain, steeps and other adventures in the snow, the length is 172cm..


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