Splitboard Voile Mojo / V-Tail

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Voile

Season: 2011/12
Price (SRP) from: 900€
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The most famous splitboard brand is Voile as almost all vendors obstruct the Voile Split interface.

They have two boards to offer the V-tail and the Mojo.

The Mojo RX is a classic backcountry-oriented all-mountain board with a split hybrid rocker shape. That is, forward it is stronger bent by more buoyancy gain and at the tail it has a camber construction to achieve the full edge grip.
The unit is available in 154, 161.166 and 171 cm, so all kinds of snow are covered and there is one splitboard for girls as well.
The V-tail is a pure powder board. Rocker shape of the nose and swallow tail give the V-tail Voile splitboard best buoyancy.
Again, there are 4 lengths available: 160,170,180 and 190.
Here is the latest video from Voile:



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