splitboard voile artesan / palindrome / v-tail / mojo 12/13

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Voile

Season: 2012/13
Price (SRP) from: 800€
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There is also news of Voile, beside the known splitboards Mojo and V-Tail, Voile has developed a women splitboard for the coming season, the Artesan splitboard.

The Artesan for ladies is adjusted to suit women necessities. Especially height, weight and size, so it is narrower, has a soft flex and is shorter than the standard split boards. A good POP is still ensured.
This splitboard is constructed with a directional twin shape and innovative rocker-camber technology, thus you have a good float and stability on hard pack and at the ascent.

The Artesan is available in lengths: 148cm, 153cm, 156cm.

The Artesan splitboard for boys is available in lengths of 159cm, 162cm, 165cm and 168 cm. The flex is matched to the weight of the male riders. The 162er Artesan splitboard is also available as wide edition, so suitable for the "big-footed".

Last but not least I would like to mention the palindrome, a true twin splitboard designed in order to use the backcountry playground properly. It is the first freestyle splitboard made by Voile with the following technical features: Rocker profile with flat center section and rockered tip / tail, which promises great versatility.

Lenght for Palindrome Splitboard: 156cm, 159cm, 162cm and the wide version 162w.

This year all Voile splitboards come with the dual height climbing heels.

The Hardwear is somewhat modernized by pretty colors and laser tech branding.

Slider Tracks and Slider Pins has to be purchased seperately as well as the skins.

The V-tail and the mojo we already know, here are the info from 11/12

Check out the video about makeing a Voile Splitboard.

From top to base, a durable 3D nylon topsheet graphic, full aspen wood core, double sintered UHMW sidewall, sublimated sintered base,...

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