Splitboard Splitsticks Slash 12/13

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Splitsticks

Season: 2012/13
Price (SRP) from: 1 350€
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Included: Board, Binding, Crampons, Skins

Length: 156cm  162cm  166cm  
Weight: 5.800g  

Testers Statement
A tough mountain buddy who is ready for everything. The Splitstick Slash wants to be ridden to high performance with power in ones legs. The unique binding system is developed for excellent performace on the ascent.

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Riding Style Splitsticks Slash


Riding Style Splitsticks Slash 162:

The Splitsticks Slash 162 is a true all-mountain camber board with its own interface and innovative binding system. Its advantages are properly in challenging terrain.

It wants to be ridden at  high speed and with power in the legs. In powder you have to make slight compromises against a rocker board .


Testdetails Splitsticks Slash

Test results Testinfo

Riding Performance: Here we evaluate the handling characteristics of the splitboard models based on the most important factors in splitboarding.

Agility: With a powerful riding style, it achieves good maneuverability and stability.

Flex: The flex is extremely hard and the binding-board connection brings  the Splitsticks Slash benefits in changing conditions and safety at high speed-runs.

Edge grip: Due to the extremely hard flex the camber construction and the interface-binding combination the splitboard slash has massive edge hold, compared to rocker or hybrid boards.

All Conditions Riding: The splitboard Slash likes all types of snow, it can be ridden exactly and hardpack or ice are pleasant challenges. As said before, in powder there have to be made slight compromises compared to hybrid or rocker boards. As you know, all depends on the skills of the Rider.

Hiking Performance: The most important thing in ascending with a splitboard are a good skins (which we have not tested here), good edge grip on crossings and light weight. Anyway the weight of a bit heavier board can be reduced e.g. in excellent packing of your backpack.

Edge grip traversing:  The innovative board-binding combination (developed by Splitsticks) paired with the camber shape gives very good stability on the ascent in general and on traverses.

Weight: The nude-weight of the splitsticks slash is quite low due to the reduced inserts, but it will be relativized regarding the whole set. Nevertheless, in terms of weight it's on the front line.

Features: Since Splitboards are a slightly larger investment, we also consider the finishing as important. Besides, if we are having fun in nature we should also contribute to environmental protection. Thus, the sustainability is a criterion.

Finishing: The Splitboard Slash has no classical through holes in the base but small holes of the special inserts  from the board connection. The board halves are fixed with Ying Yang connectors giving additional torsional rigidity. The unique binding makes the board an extravagant high-performance splitboard.

Sustainability: The Slash is optimized for longevity and small wear parts on the binding can be replaced easily and cheaply.

Riders Statement (72kg):

"A tough mountain buddy who is ready for everything. The Splitstick Slash wants to be ridden to high performance with power in ones legs. The unique binding system is developed for excellent performace on the ascent."


Here you get a video from the ISPO Brandnew Village 2013. Stefan Vellinger presenting his invention.


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Splitsticks is a small label situated in Innsbruck which produces high quality-hand-made limited edition Splitboards in Germany.

The crew of Splitsticks has developed a completely new splitboard interface, check it out!

The Splitstick Slash is a pure allmountain splitboard with which you can hit any terrain in the backcountry. The directional shape has a stiff flex 8/10 and camber construction. Due to  this, the
Slash splitboard reaches an extremely torsional stiffness. With the new binding system Splitsticks managed to reduce 6 inserts in flex relevant positions, this should  give an even higher durability and riding performance to this board.

The unique binding system (complete cnc milled) developes its strengths in the ascent. Even if the links between the board halves seem a bit clunky, the splitboard is lightweight and easy to handle. You can mount the crampons with a 90 ° rotation, without stepping out of the binding. The built-in climbing heels can be activated or disactivated super easy. Another interesting feature is the ski mode, in which you can fix the bindings to make a quick descent with skins, or just skate a flat section.

The direct connection between board and bindings and the wide climbing-heels give you excellent pressure on the edges. So you earn some benefits traversing and doing the kickturns. You can go much longer without crampons and thus save a lot of energy and time. Apart from the tremendous edge hold in the ascent it brings additional security in difficult passages, and when it is no longer possible you simply mount the crampons and keep on going.

The Splitboard Slash wants to be ridden powerful and fast. With the extremely direct powertransfer you can do everything you always wanted to do and even more.

The Splitsticks System is trimmed for absolute durability and easy replacement of worn parts at low prices. So if you are looking for a splitboard for many years with full functionality, this unit operates properly.

In short: The whole concept of Splitsticks Slash is
thought out extremely well and implemented perfectly.

Take a look at the system more closely, it is a real alternative to what's been on the market till now.

We already had the opportunity to test this system and are absolutely stoked. Rock n'Roll

If you have € 1,350 on the high edge you can pull this splitboard binding combination with crampons and skins into consideration.

With a total weight of 5.8 kg inc. bindings, it is relatively light weight.

Here is a video where you can once again see the features live:

  • pure allmountain splitboard
  • crampons 7075 Alu
  • binding 7075er Alu, integrated climbing heels
  • Adjusted Kohla climbing skins


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    16. December 2013 - 10:07 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Um nicht zu Sagen "simpel" - Interface leicht Anschrauben - Bindung montieren - Schrauben festziehen...... das wars ... keine Feineinstellung. So muss das.

    Umbau am Berg:
    Sehr schnell und unkompliziert. Schnee und Eis werden durch den Bajonettverschluss selbst entfernt. Lediglich die Eisschicht an der Unterseite der Bindung die sich ggf. beim Laufen gebildet hat muss vor dem Aufdrehen der Bindung entfernt werden. Der Umbau in den Skimodus ist einfach und problemlos.

    Die Bindung ist sehr steif und gibt perfekt Rückmeldung. Das Brett ist das was von seinem Shape zu erwarten ist - gleitet Top auf und bewegt sich im tiefen Schnee einwandfrei. Auf harter Piste bedarf es einen "Rocker"-Freak wie mich etwas Gewöhnung da die Kanten durch die Steife Bindung sich dermaßen in den Schnee fräsen das man erst mal Schwierigkeiten hat das Brett wieder von der Kante zu bekommen (war nach der ersten Abfahrt kein Thema mehr... )

    Kein Spiel zwischen Bindung und Brett und somit sehr guter Kantendruck. Ausklappen der Aufstiegshilfe ist sehr einfach da der große Bügel sehr leichtgängig ist. 1 mit * hierfür.

    Fazit: Top-Rundumsorglospaket (Meine Nummer 1)

  • Alt
    17. December 2013 - 10:56 Log in or sign up to post comments.

    Auch ich habe die 162er Variante in Karbon getestet und kann nur sagen, dass es ein absolutes Killer-Board ist!
    Ich habe mich sofort in die Präzision und den Halt verliebt den das Slasher auf jeden Untergrund bringt.
    Getestet habe ich es vor ca. 3 Wochen am Pitztaler Gletscher. Es war eisig und hart mit einigem Kunstschnee... Die schlechtesten Bedingungen also, die man habe könnte und das Board hat alles souverän gemeistert. Im Powder konnte ich es leider nicht testen, da war ja nix, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass es auch dort eine gute Performance an den Tag legen wird. Sollte es mich negativ überraschen werde ich das hier dann noch posten sobald ich meines bekommen und getestet habe. Ich habe es in 166 als Karbon bestellt.
    Wenn man es noch abwarten kann, es sollte demnächst eine Special Edition mit Karbon Highballs geben. Damit hat man dann wirklich die ultimative Waffe. Den Prototyp dafür durfte ich auch testen und war dann der Grund, dass ich das Slasher sofort bestellt habe.

    Ich kann das Teil jedem raten der einen sauberen Fahrstil an den Tag legt und der dem Board wirklich sagt was es zu tun hat. Es ist extrem steif und vergibt keine Fehler, aber es ist auch extrem präzise und hält Deine Line wie ein Skalpell!