Splitboard Prior

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Prior Splitboards

Season: 2011/12
Price (SRP) from: 950€
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Prior produces a complete quiver of splitboards.

They all seem solid and well produced. At Prior you can choose your prefered design out of 10 variations for the topsheet and the base.

Also the lengths are quite variable thanks to the ample product range. From camber to rocker and hybrid shape you can find what you like as well as from the freestyle split to the powderrocket.

  • AMF Splitboard
  • Brandywine Splitboard
  • Backcountry Splitboard
  • Khyber Splitboard
  • Spearhead Split
  • Fissile Splitboard
  • Swallowtail Splitboard


Here you get a video of the AMF 2012 Splitboard made by Prior :


Splitboards Prior

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