Splitboard K2 Panoramic

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: K2 Snowboards

Season: 2011/12
Price (SRP) from: 899€
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Length: 154cm  158cm  162cm  168cm  

The first splitable Snowboard from K2 is strengthened with the ultra light Bmbooyah Blend-Core, similar as a skateboard. So you get more durability and POP-Energy. The Topsheet of the Panoramic Splitboard is made out of an unsticky P-Tex surface to reduce weight wile skinning. The All-Terrain Rocker makes it easy to hike and gives you a masive float in powder. The pre-cut skins are delivered with the Z-Clip so you can skin and unskin your board quickly on tour. K2 offers the Panoramic Splitboard in 4 length.

Here you can see the  K2 Splitboard Panoramic in action:

Splitboard K2 Panoramik

K2 presents the first K2 Panoramic, the board especially made for backcountry. The Bambooyah-Blend-Core makes it durable like a skateboard and the pre cut skinns are easily to mount and unmount.