Rossignol XV Mag TEC Split

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Rossignol

Season: 2013/14
Price (SRP) from: 649€
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Included: Hooks, Clips und Interface bzw. Hooks und Clips

Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

Testers Statement
The Rossignol XV 167 is super light for it`s length, has massive float and is incredibly maneuvrable.

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Riding Style Rossignol XV Mag TEC Split

Riding Style Rossignol XV Mag TEC Split 167:


Powder, Speed and challenging terrain. Greatings from Xavier de le Rue.


Test results Testinfo

Rossignol XV Mag TEC Split Testergebnisse

Splitboarding Editors Selection

The Rossignol XV 167 is super light for it`s length, has massive float and is incredibly maneuvrable. The board can be controled excellently at high speed and keeps very stable. The rockered nose is a bit softer, so you get a surfy-feeling while riding pow - the stiff tail and the camber down to the tail gives you great edgecontrol at the ascent as well as at icy descents.


The all-new XV MagTek Split Kit is Xavier De Le Rue`s big-mountain splitboard produced by Rossignol, designed for accessing the boldest, most remote lines.

AmpTek All-Mountain combines traditional camber between the feet with moderate tip and tail rocker for increased stability, versatility and float.

Magne-Traction 7M delivers continuous tipto- tail edge hold, enhancing control in the gnarliest conditions. Super-stiff up front, the XV rides through the most challenging snow conditions, with a nimble, washier tail for maneuvering tight spots.


The THC² CBF², makes the XV Split flow smoothly from edge-to-edge while delivering enhanced power due to the inner sidewalls and steel edges. So the XV Mag Tek Split supports Xavier pushing the boundaries of big-mountain splitboarding.

Splitboard Rossignol Xavier De Le Rue

It is fully equipped with Voilé's universal interface, skins and crampons and costs as set 949,95€ .

It is available in the legth of 167cm.

Tecnical Features:

The hybrid construction (rocker infused with camber) between the feet brings great float and playfulness combined with pop and stability. AmpTek is a pat-pending technology that comes in 3 versions where the camber and rocker height and length vary to better fit the needs of all riding styles.

AmpTek All-Mountain stands for: 60% Rocker and 40% Camber

  • More Control
  • More Stability
  • More Edge Pressure
  • Smoother Landings
  • Very Nimble in Powder
  • Softer Tips/Stiffer Waisttorsion

In the Xavier de Le Rue Split there is also used Basalt and Aramid, to reduce weight and vibracions and to enhance the internal power od the board.


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    17. December 2013 - 17:00 Log in or register to post comments

    test riding only in shit conditions (icy bumpy slope), with splitsticks bindings and adapter plates.

    sick sick board, very complete allrounder, with massive float in powder, excellent edge control with magtec, stiffer outline with a little softer tail. can and wants to be ridden more on the front foot. very responsive and controlled riding even at high speeds in the rough. the weight feels very light for the length. another one for the quiver for sure for those big days......

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    18. December 2013 - 12:29 Log in or register to post comments

    I tested the board and the rossi binding a couple of days ago. The board is OK, not great but ok. It floats well and is in the "nothing special" range of split boards for me. The bindings are terrible, they have a really plastic look and feeling so i imagine they would not last an abusive season in the mountains. I would recommend the board to a beginner splitboarder for a first split board.

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    17. December 2013 - 21:23 Log in or register to post comments

    i could also test it in powder conditions as well as harsh conditions. i was riding with a spark magneto binding. grips good, but couldn´t see any special effect of the magnetraction technology
    167 was a little too long for me (175cm)

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    20. December 2013 - 12:27 Log in or register to post comments

    you have to test this board with a propper all mountain binding, with propper straps and highbacks. the best board will not perform if the binding is too soft an flexy. if you try it with an afterburner or splitsticks binding, you would be surprised how much difference this will make

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    22. December 2013 - 11:20 Log in or register to post comments

    I have tryed the board with the magneto binding and the Deeluxe Spark XV Boot.
    I think it is one of the lightest setups, available at the moment. The conditions did change a lot, from crust to powder and pist. I felt very comfortable, even if the rockered nose was vibrating a bit the board was very stable. I noticed a good edgegrip ascending as well as descending, but cannot say if it was due to the magtek or due to the camber till the tail. I think it was due to the camber. But anyway, I like the board a lot. Quite stiff, floaty and very maneuvrable regarding the length of 167cm. @velle you are right, but I think you can also compensate soft highbacks due to a stiffer boot, at least a bit. I hope I will get the possibility to try it with the Splitsticks adapters soon.

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    28. December 2013 - 8:57 Log in or register to post comments

    Nach dreieihalb Touren kann ich jetzt was sagen.
    Fährt sich wie ein kürzeres Board wegen der langen Nose (effektive Kantenlänge ist viel kürzer), bei weichem tiefen Schnee kommt das Board schön raus, auf eisigen Pisten oder für eisige Tourenabfahrten sind Ski die bessere Wahl.
    Magnetraktion merkt man nicht.
    Fährt sich irgendwie wie mein Custom X ca. 163.
    Made in China ist halt Usus (K2 ect. ect.), ansonst zahlt man halt für ein Jones Sulution 200€ mehr (Made in Austria).

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      20. February 2014 - 11:27 Log in or register to post comments

      Jones is Made in Austria??

      Hab ich was nicht mitbekommen?


      Fahrverhalten wie ein Custom X - wär für mich ein Kaufgrund - is ja nix schlechtes!

      • Alt
        20. February 2014 - 11:35 Log in or register to post comments

        Hab mir die Frage selbst beantwortet - bzw. wars natürlich Google!

        Für die die es auch nicht wussten - Jones - wie auch viele viele andere Marken lassen deren Boards bei GST Austria (Global Sports Technologies) bauen!

        I LIKE