Prowder Carbon Split 15-16

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Prowder

Season: 2015/16
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Included: Hoss Hooks, Cowboy Clips

Length: 158cm  162cm  
Weight: 2.600g  

Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

Designed by company founder Kevin Clark, the Prowder Carbon Splitboard uses the most innovative technologies available for weight reduction. The Prowder Carbon Splitboard is the most innovative, lightweight, over engineered board on the market. Priced significantly under competitors splitboards, the Prowder Carbon Splitboard is the lightest most cost effective splitboard on the market! This board weighs in at 2.6kg! The Prowder Carbon Splitboard uses full bidirectional carbon fiber layers with precisely calculated carbon stringers and aerospace grade low viscosity epoxy in its carbon fiber top sheet, eliminating the typical topsheet resulting in dramatic weight savings. The Carbon Splitboard core is one of strongest wood cores on the market. The specially engineered core absorbs shocks with its vibration insulating properties and the lightest wood core with the best strengthtoweight ratio of any other readily nontoxic, biodegradable solid wood cores on the market.

Prowder Interface Details

The Prowder Carbon Splitboard uses a super lightweight paulownia and bamboo core construction. Combining pioneering weight saving core materials and aerospace grade low viscosity epoxy with top sheet free construction, the Prowder Carbon Splitboard offers superior response and lightweight performance. The additional sidecuts points on the outer side of the bindings locations drive through the surface of the snow and ice for added edge hold for variable conditions while increasing the effective edge for maximum carving performance. The reclined parabolic shape maximises onsnow contact and surface area during skinning, improving split mode performance while climbing steep and icy terrain allowing the rider to access the most backcountry possible. The rocker/camber profile provides maximum response, power, stability and pure performance in backcountry powder. For durability and impact resistance and overall strength we offer 360 full wrap sidewalls. The Carbon Splitboard universal inserts are compatible with all splitboard bindings and components. We use the highest quality Sintered base material for impact resistance and maintaining high speeds.

Prowder Bamboo Split:

The same Split is available as a Bamboo Version as well, the main diference is the sustainable materials and the weight of 3,4 kg.