Prior Shotgun 14-15

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Prior Splitboards

Season: 2014/15
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Included: Hooks und Clips

Length: 147cm  150cm  153cm  159cm  162cm  
Board-Profile: Camber
Splitboard Camber Profile

The prior Shotgun Split is a Twin Split for Backcountry Freestyler. It is a bit smoother and more playful than the AMF. It is perfect for those splitboarders who like to ride parks and enjoy the the backcountry as a playground to jib around and do massive airs.

Prior Splitboard Designs 14-15:

Prior Splitboard Designs 14-15

The Prior XTC Carbon Construction is as upgrade available and saves around 500g of weight.

Profile / Shape: Due to the camber you get lots of pressure to the snow and you can ride controled at highspeed or land big airs easily

The Shotgun feels well while freestyling, it liks speed, treeruns, powder, windblown snow and big airs.

It will be delivered in the following lengths: 147cm, 150cm, 153cm, 156cm, 159cm, 162cm.

Prior Shotgun Camber Profile:

Prior Shotgun Camber profile

Prior Splitboard Designoptions Bases 14-15:

Prior Splitboard Designoptions Bases 14-15


Prior Splitboard Designoptions 14-15:

Prior Splitboard Designoptions 14-15


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