Prior Fissile XTC 17-18

Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Prior Splitboards

Season: 2017/18
Price (SRP) from: 1 159€
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Length: 166cm  172cm  
Board-Profile: Hybrid

The almost legendary Prior Fissile comes in 2017-18 like it had bben in the years before. Sure the design is changed. But anyway, keep the good things good!

The Fissile has a directional, designed and applied for Powder Nose, which is unsurpassed by any other all Prior splitboards. For this purpose, the closest sidecut. This in combination with the short tail, this Splitboard is extreme maneuverability. And yet it glides stable and smooth running even at high speeds: weight forward and it goes "straight line" and trace faithful downhill, weight behind it rotates almost on the spot.

Some think it is more of a Shape for Soulrider who want ride even the smallest piece of Powder. But the thing is so crazy good that it quickly became a favorite of many Powder disciples. The Fissile it comes safely through any terrain, but the best course through deep snow.

The patron of the Fissile is a large, prominent mountain just behind Whistler Mountain, home of Prior Snowboards. At this wonderful place is the biggest Couloir of the whole area. Just right for the Fissile.

The XTC Carbon construction is available as an upgrade for all Prior splitboards and reduces the board weight of around 500 grams compared to the standard quadraxial fiberglass. Prior recommends the Fissile to choose about 10 cm longer than a conventional freeride board.

Profile: Nose Rocker for buoyancy and manageable driving in Powder of all kinds Easy turn initiation.. Traditional bias towards Tail for powerful turns from the turn out.

Rider type: Powder-connoisseurs of the finest sort.

Best for: Powder, Powder, Powder ... combined with tree runs, chutes and wide slopes.

Prior Fissile Splitboard XTC (Carbon) 2017/18 with Carbon construction (XTC): 1.159 €

Weight: from 3.16 kg per board

Prior XTC

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