Prior Brandywine 15-16

for girls & ladies
Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Prior Splitboards

Season: 2015/16
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Length: 149cm  154cm  158cm  
Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

Prior began in 2002 to build splitboards for girls. At that time there were just shorter versions of the classic, the Backcountry Splitboard. Slimmer waist width, sidecut longer, softer flex - that is what many prefer girls. The world's first, consistently developed for the female needs Splitboard there was the 2010/11 season, of course, Prior!

Thus, the Brandywine Splitboard the season 2015/16 is firmly rooted in Priors Splitboard line-up. The outstanding performance of this splitboards is why it has been awarded last season with the Backcountry Magazine Award. The design has been so successful that you could not do better. The Brandywine Splitboard supports a soft, liquid driving style over the full bandwidth offered by the Winter.

It is the ideal board for female freeriders who drive a directional style and simply love all types of snow, which provides the mountain like that. All will have their fun with it, the big mountain shredder just like the Tourer by the solitude of the backcountry.

The XTC Carbon construction is available as an upgrade for all Prior splitboards and reduces the board weight of around 500 grams compared to the standard quadraxial fiberglass.

Profile: The hybrid rocker profile provides flotation in powder and a silky smooth edges alternating with equally perfect edge control. 2-4 mm preload bring power in every turn.

Rider type: Freerider and Guides, always in search of untracked powder.

Best for: all-mountain backcountry, with speed over wide slopes and across the forests, the Pow, but every damn cat track and of course weightless jumps.

Prior Brandywine Splitboard 2015/16 with Standard Quadraxial Fiberglas construction: VK 939 €
Weight: from 2.93 kg per board

Prior Quad Glass

Prior Brandywine Splitboard XTC (Carbon) 2015/16 with Carbon construction (XTC): 1.079 €
Weight: from 2.49 kg

Prior XTC

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