Prior Brandywine 14-15

for girls & ladies
Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Prior Splitboards

Season: 2014/15
Price (SRP) from: 899€
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Included: Hooks and Clips

Length: 149cm  154cm  158cm  
Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

2002 was the year of the first women specific splitboard made by Prior. The Brandywine Split is one of them. Basically, they are slightly narrower, and have a softer flex. Thus Prior exactly meets the needs of female riders.

2010/11 Prior went a step further and defined the new boards. Thus, they are the first company in the world, which brought a splitboard for women on the market. The Brandywine won the Backcountry award for outstanding performance. It is designed to enable powerful yet smooth riding in all winter snow conditions. Thus women have the possibility to move their limits with the Brandywine Split discover the backcountry.

It is perfect for progressive female freeriders who want a board on which they can rely in all conditions.

Prior Splitboard Designs 14-15:

Prior Splitboard Designs 14-15

The Prior XTC Carbon Construction is available for all prior boards as upgrade and saves weight about 500g.

Profile / Shape: The hybrid rocker brings great float in powder, soft edge exchange and excellent edge control. The 2-4mm camber bring energy to every turn.

The Brandywine feels most at home in the All Mountain Backcountry, loves speed, treeruns, powder, windpress and airs.

It is supplied with hooks and clips in the lengths: 149cm, 154cm, 158cm.

It comes with hooks and clips so just get an interface, bindings, skins the safety stuff and you are in.


Prior Splitboard Brandywine Doppel Rocker Camber Profile:

Prior Splitboard Brandywine Doppel Rocker Camber Profile


Prior Splitboard Brandywine Sizechart:

Prior Splitboard Brandywine Sizechart


Prior Splitboard Designoptions Bases 14-15:

Prior Splitboard Designoptions Bases 14-15


Prior Splitboard Designoptions 14-15:

Prior Splitboard Designoptions 14-15

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