Prior AMF 14-15

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Prior Splitboards

Season: 2014/15
Price (SRP) from: 899€
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Included: Hooks und Clips

Length: 153cm  156cm  159cm  162cm  165cm  169cm  
Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

The AMF Split of Prior was the world's first true twin splitboard, and creamed off three times the Editor's Choice Award from Backcountry Magazine.

The AMF split allows the riders to see the backcountry with new eyes and more creativity. You can make your features and tricks transferred into the backcountry obstacles. The twin tip shape allows easy switch rides, the deep sidecut gives more maneuverability in the forest or narrow channels, where the rocker profile keeps you up. The Prior staff loves it.

The AMF is the perfect weapon for those who like to ride switch in the backcountry and want to take their tricks to the open terrain.


Prior Splitboard AMF Designs 14-15:

Prior Splitboard Designvarianten Topsheet 14-15

The Prior XTC Carbon Construction is available for all prior boards as upgrade and saves weight about 500g.

Profile / Shape: The hybrid rocker brings great float in powder and soft edge exchange with excellent control. The 2-4mm camber brings energy to every turn.

Rider Type: Progressive riders who want to perfect their tricks in the backcountry. Good for explorers looking for a versatile splitboard. At Prior you can you choose the design of topsheet and base as shown below.

The AMF Split is available in the following lengths: new 153cm 156cm, 159cm, 162cm, new 162w, 165cm, new 165w, 169cm.

It is supplied with clips and hooks, but without skins, binding and crampon.


Prior Splitboard AMF Hybrid Doppel Rocker Camber Profile:

Prior Splitboard AMF Hybrid Doppel Rocker Camber Profile


Prior Splitboard AMF Sizechart:

Prior Splitboard AMF Sizechart


Prior Splitboard AMF Designoptions Base 14-15:

Prior Splitboard AMF Designoptions Base 14-15


Prior Splitboard Topsheet Designs 14-15 :

Prior Splitboard T Designs 14-15

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