Pogo Venado Split

Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Pogo
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Season: 2016/17
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Included: Board, Hooks, Clips

Length: 167cm  
Weight: 2.900g  

Board-Profile: Hybrid

Riding Style / Field of use

Boom-Yeaa, Pogo has created the Venado a Winter-Deer with which you climb like a fawn and riding you just scream roooaaarrr.
Freestyle, 55%
Allmountain, 85%
Powder, 95%
Speed, 75%

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

Critically we tested the new Pogo Venado Split. Relatively wide nose, decent camber, strong sidecut and medium flex. Well lets see what this pretty unique shape can do.

Ascent: After ascending the first meters at hard snow, there was an "Ohh" in my had. The edgegrip is pretty good. Now I am in a steep traverse and it appears an "Ahh" crossing the mountain even when it's steep is quite easy although when the camber is decent and the inner edges short. I enter fresh snow and my feeling changes to pure happiness, because in powder the quality of the Venado really comes to light. It floats like a boat and the forward pull is just straight forward - excellent. The kick-turns just flow, so the balance is perfect, too. Now it is time to fix it at the backpack and it comes the "Ahaa" to my mind.  You defenetly feel the low weight. At 2.9 kg with a length of 167 cm it is really lightweight compared to most other splitboards in the market. The best thing is that it doesn`t feel filigree, it still feels bombproof and very durable. I understand why Pogo gives a lifetime repair service.

The descent: First of all I start in windblown hardpack. Fast and controlled riding, I push harder and harder to get the edge of the snow, but no way it keeps stable and safe. It is getting tight lots of obstacles, the agility becomes important, we havn't been sure about that, but... hell yea, it feels like a short board of around 159 cm. Super maneuverable and very lively at the same time. Now I am out of the challenging terrain and it opens up to a great section of pure white pow. Wow - I feel like flying, surfing, flying, well just snowboarding but yeaa I can`t describe it. "Wohoo" I draw my line and the smile at my face becomes shiny and my eyes start sparkling. Uff, I just reached the wet snow at the bottom of the ride, but anyway i didn`t do a nosedive, just got breaked and started gliding again, because the nose kept on top, ... I ended up almost at the end of the flat section where others of the crew already had to hike out. Roooaaar the deer is here!

Snow Conditions while testing: All you can imagine in Springtime
Boots: Fitwell Freeride
Bindings: Plum

Riding, 85%
Agility, %90
Edgegrip, %80
Uphill, 80%
Traversing, %75
Weight, %85
Features, 95%
Finishing, %100
Sustainability, %90

The venado is the newest powderboard added to the POGO quiver. Agile, versatile and a bit shorter it carries to the lovers of turning in snow that have a hard time choosing between an allmountain board and a powderboard. No need to worry about such questions any longer, just go for the venado. It's the right choice for those unforgetable runs in fresh powder, no matter where you go. Tight tree runs, steep wide open faces. On the grommers you can carve precise turns and inbetween you can pop some ollies or slash some butters with ease. Everything you choose to do is possible, effortlessly and with full control.

First of all a powderboard needs to float in that magic fresh snow and there's no exception for our newest and shortest one. The elaborate nose rocker, the setback and most of all the maximum surface of the nose guarantee to stay afloat even after huge dumps. It's not the board that dictates the limits, you ride where you want to ride.

The tight radius of the Venado lets you turn quickly, makes sure you have enough edge control in those nasty passages and you can even properly carve with comfortable softboots. As the tight radius is released quite smoothly in the front and back, the board still run smooths and stable at higher speeds. Don't be fooled by the timeless shape and the whale like fluke tail, this board is technically up to date and ready to go fakie.

The right width of a snowboard is one of the main factors for an enjoyable ride. Therefore we offer the venado in two widths. Of course we also offer the venado as a splitboard. Like every POGO Splitboard it will be manufactured especially for you on demand. The board halves are narrow in the bindings section for easy and controlled edge hold while skinning up, the board is light, the connectors are mounted without screws in the p-tex and the standard qualities of this board ensure you a perfect companion for all your exciting snow adventures per pedes.

Thanks to the optimised construction the venado is light and built to last. Ready to make you smile any time you take it for a ride for many years to come. We underline the outstanding quality of our individually crafted boards with a free lilfetime reapir service.

If you want to experience the qualities of this board yourself, feel free to take advantage of our Testboard Service.

Venado Split in action uphill:

Pogo Venado Split uphill



pogo Venado Split downhill


Length: 167 cm
Wide middle: 249 mm (Wide: 265mm)
Wide Tip: 315 mm (Wide: 328mm)
Wide Tail: 294 mm (Wide: 313mm)
Edge: 93 cm
Radius: 6.5 m
Nose Lift: 470 mm
Tail Lift: 270 mm