Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Plum

Season: 2015/16
Price (SRP) from: 848€
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Included: Skins

Length: 162cm  
Weight: 3.460g  

Board-Profile: Camber
Splitboard Camber Profile

Riding Style / Field of use

Speed and Pow are it`s friends
Freestyle, 40%
Allmountain, 80%
Powder, 80%
Speed, 90%

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

The Plum Talps is amazing in the ascent, the bracket position is top, it comes out of deep snow easily and the kickturns just flow.  Also the edgegrip is better than other splitboards at the market. Regarding the riding performance you have to get used to it. The radius of 20 meters is big, so you ride it fast or you surf it smoothly almost without using the edges. When you need the edges in steep or hard terrain and you give the required pressure, the edge is there and you are at full control. Due to the special tail, it sinks in deep powder and the nose comes up. The Talps doesn`t have Clips at nose and Tail, just the WOM Hooks, which in combination with the Plum Binding give enough stability to the complete setup.All in all it is an ascent optimized Splitboard, reduced to the needs of challenging Touring.Tested with Deeluxe XV and Plum Feyan in 30 cm fresh Powder, tracked Powder, Windblown Snow and icy Slopes.

Riding, 75%
Agility, %70
Edgegrip, %80
Uphill, 80%
Traversing, %90
Weight, %70
Features, 80%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %80

Plum is distinguished by the fact that for almost 30 years skis and snowboards are produced completely in-house. Plum is located in the Haute-Savoie (France) where alpine shapers construct the boards. The TALPS is definitley not a halved Snowboard. With the TALPS Plum has created a hybrid, a perfect compromise between skis and a snowboard. A compromise between performance during ascent and maneuverability in descent. The board is designed for the rigors of the mountain, its shape and its unique flex guarantee reliability and responsiveness under all conditions.


Plum Talps Sizechart:



Sidecut Radius (meter)

Set back (mm)

Waist width (mm)

Nose width (mm)

Tail width (mm)










 Definitely take a look at the  Plum Binding.

  • Sandwich constuction fiberglass / wood
  • Quad-axial fiberglass – for powerful energetic performance
  • Woodcore Paulownia-ash (ash for the power, Paulownia for its lightness)
  • Wide ABS contour (the core is completely surrounded, secured against impacts and intrusion of water)
  • Wide steel edges for perfect grip
  • Basis P-Tex 4509 base - "World Cup" quality-base with graphite in black for unvisible repairs
  • Voilé standard pins
  • 20 m radius and well distributed flex for ascent and steep descents
  • Rocker at the nose + 25mm Pintail
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