Mendiboards Split 15-16

Category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Mendiboard

Season: 2015/16
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Included: Board Connectors Clips

Length: 152cm  156cm  160cm  162cm  
Board-Profile: Camber

Our Friends from Spain designed a new and interesting Splitboard with octogonal Tip and Tail Design.

The directional Camber Splitboard from Mendiboards with Octogonal Tip and Tail comes in pure carbon Design. It is designed to give a maximum of performance in all snow conditions and terrain.

All Mendiboards have a long effective edge to bring control to the snow and lots of grip, both ascending and descending.

The boards are very versatile and are fun to ride as well as at hardpack and at the deep crystal clean days. Even when the Boards are described as traditional camber Splitboards they come with a decent Noserocker to boost the float in deep powder.

The flex is adjusted in the way, that the nose keeps up in powder, while the whole board keeps stable and controlable at highspeed. Due to the carbon laminates it is light, has lots of POP and gained durability.

It is a great board for all conditions and all terrain, so the guys from Mendiboards.


Mendiboards riding

Mendiboards Fullmoon

So, if you prefere something special with soul, get a Mendiboard!


  • New octogonal tip & tail design.
  • Tradicional camber profile.
  • Directional board.
  • Carbon fiber laminate technology, saving weight incresing pop and stiffness (8/10).
  • Wood venner topsheet available in all lengths (stiffness 6/10)
  • Ultralight topsheet uv protector.
  • Triaxial fiberglass.
  • Poplar and bamboo mixed wood core.
  • Black Sintered p-tex 7500 speed base with high wax absorption.
  • Die cut mountain logo in nose.
  • 7 lines of inserts for more options of stance and rider position.
  • Voile compatible insert pattern.
  • Traditional camber profile for more contact snow climbing and ride control in all snow conditions.