K2 Ultrasplit

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: K2 Snowboards

Season: 2016/17
Price (SRP) from: 830€
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Included: Board Hooks Clips Pucks

Length: 155cm  158cm  161cm  164cm  165cm  
Weight: 3.300g  


You are well on the way up with the K2 Ultrasplit, no matter if you do 60,000 vertical foot expeditions through Washington’s Cascades to foreign ascents and descents in New Zealand the Ultra Split has been through the ringer and is ready for more. So you can also use it in the European Alpes. All components are seperately available and K2 has a special women`s Kwicker boot in it`s range.

K2 has reanimated the Clicker binding for the Ultrasplit, did some major improvements and formed a complete splitboard interface out of it.

They have set new standards in the splitboard development. "But not enough with the very low weight, regarding the backcountry roots of K2, it is clear that this board also meets the other needs of backcountry riders. With the stability and reliability of Bambooyah, the patented tip and tail skin mounting and virtually unlimited stance options, which all others will follow in the coming years," said K2.


K2 Ultrasplit Profile:

K2 Ultrasplit Profile

The Ultrasplit is a complete splitboard system. Boots, bindings and skins. Based on the solid board Ultra Dream the Ultrasplit is an agile all-terrain board with Tweekend technology. It has a long-drawn Nose (Nose Tweekend) a flat section under your feet and a Tweekend tail. The shape and the baseline of the ultrasplit makes the board riding good on any terrain. From grip in packed snow on the slopes up to good flotation in backcountry powder you can have fun with the K2 Ultrasplit in all "life situations".

The revised Clickersystem which became the Kwicker System, offers the possibility of rapid entry and exit, the patented skin attachment increases comfort while touring. With the K2 split-track you can adjust your stance quickly to your needs. With the new system, the K2 Ultra Split is very light compared to other commercially available versions.

The highback is integrated in the Kwicker Boot, so you do not have it on the board. The boot price starts at around 330,00 € and they have a special womes boot as well.

You can also get the K2 Kwicker binding seperately for around 230,00 €. 

K2 Ultrasplit Specs:

K2 Ultrasplit Specs

  • All Terrain with Tweekend™
  • Damping: Standard
  • Construction: UltraTech™
  • Shape: Backside Hyper Progressive
  • Stance: Setback 3/4” (19mm)
  • Core: Bambooyah™ Split
  • Glass: ICG 20 / Biax
  • Additives: NEW Carbon Web™ II
  • Base: Sintered
  • Base Bevel: 1°