Jones Ultracraft 14-15

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Jones Snowboards

Season: 2014/15
Price (SRP) from: 1 200€
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Included: Karakoram Clips und Hooks

Length: 156cm  160cm  152cm  
Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

The Jones Ultracraft Split passed a three years development and testing period in the backcountry till Jeremy got mentaly ready to bring this board on the market. With the shape of the Hovercraft and severe weight reductions, the Ultracraft is the ultimate device to enjoy even long splitboard adventures and to ride the most challenging lines.

Jones Ultracraft Design 14-15:

Jones Ultracraft 14-15 Design


Features und Shape des Ultracraft:

Jones Ultracraft Shape und Features

Only the lightest and strongest materials are selected to achieve the desired high performance. It is around 25% lighter than the Hovercraft Split:  "It could be even lighter," said Jeremy, "but then the durability would no longer be guaranteed to the extent that it is required in the Ultracraft". The wood core is made from a secret blend that is currently available only for Jones. Another special feature of the Jones Ultracraft is the fact that it is built of two separate "skis" and joined together afterwards.

The Ultracraft is available in 152cm, 156cm and 160cm length, with this shape, you can choose the length of your board 5-10 cm shorter than your "normal" splitboard.

It comes with karakoram Hooks and Clips

For more information check out our ISPO video, Jeremy himself explains the board.

Here our First Impression Test.



Jones Ultracraft Sizechart:

Jones Ultracraft Sizechart

Jones Ultra Series:

Jones Ultra Series

Jeremy explains his Ultracraft Split:


Also the whole Jones Splitboard Quiver is interesting, check the video presentation:


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    it's really quick and easy to put together after hiking.

    this board is awesome. I loved riding it.