Jones Splitboards

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Jones Snowboards

Season: 2011/12
Price (SRP) from: 1 000€
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Jones offers 3 models, all of them are promoted really well. They all seem solid and sophisticated and the videos on their homepage communicate for themselves.

Splitboard The Solution (158cm 161cm, 164cm, 162W, 168W), is promoted as the solution for all of your fantasies in backcountry snowboarding. The shape is a hybrid construction and it is also availabale for ladies in size 154 cm.

Splitboard Jones the Hoovercraft, is the correct choice for changing snow conditions, Hybrid Shape. Lenght 156 cm

Mt. Twin Split, is the Freestyle-Freeride Board at Jones Splitboards. Lenght 159 cm

The Jones splitboards will be offered with the Karakoram Interface at a solid price.

Splitboards Jones


Here you get a nice promo vid about the Jones Solution Splitboard.