Gara Freestyle / Freeride 12/13

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Garaboards

Season: 2012/13
Price (SRP) from: 439€
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Length: 155cm  158cm  161cm  162cm  168cm  

Gara is a Czech company based in Prague. From season 12/13 they offer 2 splitboard models in 5 lengths.

The Gara Freestyle splitboard is, as the name says a freestyle-oriented board. With the lengths of 158cm and 162cm, compared to other providers in the freestyle splitboard segment it is rather longer. But still it will be very lively and can be used in a variety of diferent snow conditions. A ride through the park and one or another kicker will work well.
This Funboard mainly gains with its simple design and reasonable price. € 439, without interface and skins. There are Czech skins available from Pomoca at a reasonable price, too.

The Gara Freeride splitboard, is descriebed by it`s name as the Gara freestyle board. What do you think? Right, it is freeride oriented. You can make a beautiful descent to another valley and quickly skin up to the resort again. The broad tip gives the Gara Freeride good floatation which will be reinforced by the back stance of 3.5 cm. The edge hold should be good.
Even the Gara Splitboard Freeride is so far unbeatable regarding the price of 439 €, as I said without skins and interface.
The Freeride is available in lengths: 155cm, 161cm, 168cm

At the ISPO, the Gara splitboards looked quite well.

Again, please look at the site, since we have never seen such a board we cannot comment on quality, finishing, or the anything like that.

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