Chimera mace / ORB / Sceptre / Unicorn Chaser 12/13

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Chimera Splitboards

Season: 2012/13
Price (SRP) from: 1 000€
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Chimeras offer consists of 4 boards. Chimera is specializes in splitboards, they do not build any skis or snowboards, only high-quality splitboards, that is what they do. The Mace, the ORB, the Sceptre and the Unicorn Chaser.

Mace Splitboard: Is a Big Mountain Barger: Good for the gnarly lines, tight chutes, Pillows, drops, Changing snow conditions.

ORB Splitboard: Is the True Powder Twin: You can also go off switch in the backcountry, you can pull your turns into varied terrain, Treelines ride, jumping pillows...

Sceptre Splitboard: Is a board with directional freestyle shape: This is also very versatile, as in open faces, in the woods, on fat BC kickers, drops, ...

Unicorn Chaser: Is a Hollowtail Splitboard: Ideal for fluffy powder, in the Woods, ... "the pure of the heart", so the guys at Chimera say.

All Chimera splitboards come with Karakoram hooks and clips, but without interface and skinp>

Each Chimera splitboard is available in 2 sizes and 4 color options.

Again, please look at the site, since we have never seen such a board, therefore we cannot comment on quality, finishing, or anything like this.

Chimera Boards are custom made, so they are adjusted to the riders needs and the delivery time can take a bit longer.