Burton Landlord 14-15

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Burton Snowboards

Season: 2014/15
Price (SRP) from: 800€
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Included: Hokks und Clips

Length: 159cm  163cm  

Leave behind the cattle herd in the liftline. Save yourself the hassle of the sled and the gold card crowd with their cats and helis. Seek solitude and an untracked canvas with the Landlord. Rising to the top with S-Rocker™, tapered shaping, and Side Effects for enhanced floatation, the Freebird is more than just a choice; it's a way of life.

Developed with Terje Haakonsen it has the new Balanced Freeride Geometry. That means it runs at more severe conditions like a twin tip and when it comes to powder, the tail drops and the tip comes up. So the Burton Landlord Splitboard is very versatile and promises huge fun to ride.
The S-Rocker contributes to good float and edge hold. Also on the ascent the camber under the bindings supports edgehold and improves performance.
With the newly developed Voile pucks and the Burton Channel System, the annoying stance setting (setting of the binding angle) is over. Now it is possible within a short time to change your angle and find your perfect stance.

Design Burton Landlord 2014-15:

Burton Landlord 14-15 Design



Splitboard Burton Landlord S-Rocker Shape:

Speed and float are your friends, and that’s what S-Rocker™ is all about. While the design specifics vary between boards, the basics are an entry rocker that extends from the nose to under your front foot, then transitions to either camber or flat between your feet. This design causes the entry rocker to lift the nose, thus improving float while maintaining momentum and stability through deep-driving pow turns and variable conditions.

Splitboard Burton Freebird Shape


Characteristics Burton Landlord Split:

Burton Landlord Features

In the following video, Rob of Burton Europe presents the new Landlord splitboard and the Burton Hitchhiker binding.


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    13. December 2014 - 21:24 Log in or register to post comments

    Gutes Brett! Trotz harter Piste gutes Kantengefühl und sicheres handling. Auch die Handhabung für den Umbau von Aufstieg zu Abfahrt funktioniert mit der neuen Magneto Bindung einwandfrei. 

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    20. December 2014 - 19:06 Log in or register to post comments

    Ich kann mich den Meinungen nur anschließen, das Board macht einen hochwertigen Eindruck. Es fährt sich auch auf harter Piste tadellos. Das Channelsystem in Verbindung mit Spark- oder Burtonbindungen hat mich überzeugt. Alles wirkt robust und simpel. Keine losen Teile, kaum anfällig für Vereisung. Ich habe mich beim Aufstieg auf Anbieb wohlgefühlt, genau so war es bei der Abfahrt, auch wenn es nur eine harte Piste nach unten ging. Der Shape verspricht jedenfalls guten Auftrieb im Powder.

    Ich bin 1,75m groß und wiege 68kg. Gefahren bin ich das Landlord in 163cm