Burton FT Fish Split 15-16

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Burton Snowboards

Season: 2015/16
Price (SRP) from: 799€
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Included: Board, Hooks, Clips, Pucks

Length: 156cm  
Weight: 3.200g  

Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

Riding Style / Field of use

Super agil for the deepest of the deep days and where it gets tight and naughty.
Freestyle, 50%
Allmountain, 70%
Powder, 90%
Speed, 70%

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

On the descent, the Burton Fish Split is very agile, in powder it greatly floats up despite the short length (156cm). On the slopes or hard snow, it requires some familarization, but then you can also carve it in short turns and unexpectedly the edge grip is good. Of course it's best for the deep days in steep channels or in the woods.

Kickturns are easy on the ascent, the edge grips even under hard conditions and you can feel the Flat Camber technology.

For Fish Board lovers it can be the perfect choice.

Riding, 80%
Agility, %90
Edgegrip, %70
Uphill, 70%
Traversing, %70
Weight, %70
Features, 70%
Finishing, %80
Sustainability, %60

The Burton Spliff is the splitboard for the deepest days in the woods or tight terrain, just there where you need massive float and enormous agility to get all out of you and your material.

Due to the Fish Design the Tail sinks in deep snow and makes the nose float. So you can keep up a solid speed even in deep snow and changing conditions. Carefully choosen Wood and a special combination of lighter and stronger wood give the Burton Fish Split lots of Pop, Powertransfer and less weight.

Burton FT Fish Split


Burton S Rocker Shape:

Speed and float are your friends, and that’s what S-Rocker™ is all about. While the design specifics vary between boards, the basics are an entry rocker that extends from the nose to under your front foot, then transitions to either camber or flat between your feet. This design causes the entry rocker to lift the nose, thus improving float while maintaining momentum and stability through deep-driving pow turns and variable conditions.

Burton S-Rocker Shape


Burton Fish Split Characteristics:

Burton Fish Split Characteristics


Video Presentation Burton Fish Split:

  • Bend: Directional Flat Top
  • Shape: Directional Shape, 30MM Taper
  • Flex: Directional Flex
  • Core: FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core, Dualzone™ EGD™
  • Base: Sintered WFO Base
  • Fiberglass: Triax™ Fiberglass
  • Design features: Squeezebox, Side Effects, Pro-Tip™, Infinite Ride™