Arbor Splitboard Abacus 12/13

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Arbor Collective

Season: 2012/13
Price (SRP) from: 720€
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Length: 156cm  160cm  164cm  

Testers Statement
The Abacus 164 splitboard rides off- and on-piste relaxed and good-natured, but it can be pressed in rough terrain and powder as well. Ascending, the Grip Tech supports the uphill-performance.

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Riding Style Arbor Abacus


Riding Style Arbor Abacus 164 Split:

We refer to the Abacus 164 of Arbor as an allmountain-powder-split. So it's mainly designed for allmountain and powriding and can be used at higher speeds as well.


Testdetails Arbor Abacus

Test results Testinfo

Riding Performance: Here we evaluate the handling characteristics of the splitboard models based on the most important factors in splitboarding.

Agility: With its rocker shape the Arbor Abacus rides as expected for a board of this length. It is easy to turn, lively and sweet-natured.

Flex: Thanks to the Grip-Tech construction and the medium-hard flex, the Abacus Splitboard can be used for cruising on the slopes, as well as for powerful riding in rough terrain and on hardpack. A positive side effect of the Grip Tech is that the Arbor Abacus can also be used by "Big-Footed-People".

Edge grip: The edge grip compared to a "normal" rocker shape is enhanced by the Grip-Tech since the effective edge is slightly longer and creates additional contact points in the snow. This brings advantages in challenging terrain and harsh conditions.

All Conditions Riding:  The Abacus 164 has its preferred range in powder, however it also rides well on hard or slushy snow. Riding on icy sections will be supported by the Grip Tech.

Hiking Performance: The most important thing in ascending with a splitboard are a good skins (which we have not tested here), good edge grip on crossings and light weight. Anyway the weight of a bit heavier board can be reduced e.g. in excellent packing of your backpack.

Edge grip traversing:  Traversing with the Abacus can be made sufficiently well despite the slight rocker. Arbor has made sure to keep the effective edge to the snow as long as possible. The Grip Tech plays a role in that.

Weight: With 3.3 kg nude-weight the Abacus 164 one of the lighter weight splitboard without cut backs in performance. Reducing some ballast of your backpack you can easily save up another 1/2 kg.

Features: Since Splitboards are a slightly larger investment, we also consider the finishing as important. Besides, if we are having fun in nature we should also contribute to environmental protection. Thus, the sustainability is a criterion.

Finishing: The solid wood finishing gives the Abacus a very distinctive look, and each board has its own design.

Sustainability: The Arbor Abacus Splits are made from sustainably grown wood, mostly recycled steel edges and a minimum of aggressive substances in the topsheet paint. Environmental protection is important for Arbor. Thumbs up!

Riders Statement (75kg):

"The Abacus 164 splitboard rides off- and on-piste relaxed and good-natured, but it can be pressed in rough terrain and powder as well. Ascending, the Grip Tech supports the uphill-performance."


goto Summary

Presented at the ISPO, Arbor comes with the highly desired Abacus splitboard on the market.

Our impression: The Abacus is a solid, optically very attractive Splitboard with wood finishing, the high gloss finish could be discussed.

The board has a directional twin shape and is equipped with the following features: Pow system, medium flex (rather soft for smooth ride), 2 × 4 14-pack inserts, organic film, power ply topsheet, mixed glassing, UN3 progressive sidecut, shaman core, power walls, recycled steel edges, rocket base.

 With a price of around 700 euros, it is in the normal range.

The Abacus Splitboard will be available in the following lengths: 156cm, 160cm, 164cm, quite short for a backcountry board, but rocker technology makes it possible.

It comes with Karakoram clips and hooks.

Here you get the presentation video of the Arbor Abacus Splitboard.