Arbor Abacus 13-14

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Arbor Collective

Season: 2013/14
Price (SRP) from: 720€
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Included: Karakoram Clips und Boardverbinder

Board-Profile: Rocker
Splitboard Rocker Profile

Testers Statement
The Abacus 164 can be used smoothly on-pist and off-pist as well as ridden hard in challenging terrain and powder conditions.

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Riding Style Arbor Abacus

Riding Style Arbor Abacus 164 Split:


We call the Arbor Abacus 164, the Allmountain-Powder-Split. So it is dedicated to Allmountain- and Pow-Riding and can also be ridden at higher speed.

Test results Testinfo


The Arbor was also tested at the last season: Arbor Abacus Testergebnisse

The Abacus 164 can be used smoothly on-pist and off-pist as well as ridden hard in challenging terrain and powder conditions. At the ascent the Grip Tech gives enough uphill performance and edgegrip at traverses.

The Arbor Abacus Split is also in the 2nd Round. The shape is proven and the design remains the same.

The sidewalls are now made ​​of ABS plastic, because it increases the durability. The inner sidewalls remain bamboo to dampen the vibrations and maintain smoothness.

Abacus is an extremely versatile backcountry board. Made with the new system you get all the benefits of the Pow Rocker. You don`t get only float in powder, but also edge grip in challenging snow conditions due to the early rise of the Parabolic Rocker.

The Grip Tech extended the effective edge and makes the board also intetressant for "big feet riders".

Since the topsheet from Abacus has a wood finish and it is made of natural wood, each of the boards has its individual design, as well as each rider it`s individual riding style.

The Abacus splitboard is available in the lengths: 156cm, 160cm, 164cm. It comes with Karakoram clips and hooks.

Then you just need a good splitboard skins, an interface and a binding to pick up the untracked runs. Here is the video presentation of the ISPO 2013, the test is available as a link at the top of the Factbox.

Check out the presentation Vid from ISPO 2013

Arbor Splitboard Abacus Design Ridemode13-14:

Arbor Splitboard Abacus Design Ridemode 13-14

Arbor Splitboard Abacus Design Splitmode 13-14:

Arbor Splitboard Abacus Design Topsheet 13-14


Arbor Splitboard Abacus Design Base:

Arbor Splitboard Abacus Design 13-14


Arbor Abacus Split 12-13

  • Pow System
  • medium Flex (a bit softer for smooth riding)
  • 2×4 14 Pack Inserts
  • bio film power ply topsheet
  • mixed glassing
  • UN3 progressive sidecut
  • shaman core
  • power walls
  • recycled steel edges rocket base