Amplid Miligram 15-16

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Amplid

Season: 2015/16
Price (SRP) from: 1 100€
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Included: Splitboard, Karakoram Hooks and Clips

Length: 157cm  163cm  168cm  
Weight: 2.300g  2.500g  2.800g  

Board-Profile: Hybrid
Splitboard S-Rocker Profile

Riding Style / Field of use

The Ultra-Light-Machine for all kinds of crime
Freestyle, 70%
Allmountain, 90%
Powder, 80%
Speed, 80%

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

The Amplid Miligram is well harmonized for beeing a full carbon Splitboard, due to that it becomes super versatile. Extremly stable on the edges you can carve it with full pressure and ride it smoothly. it is very lively and pops you out of the turns. With the Amplid Miligram you experience splitboarding at the next level.

At the ascent you feel the ultra light weight. Even in deep pow it comes up perfectly, due to the early rise Rocker and on hard traverses you are safe on the way up (sure it also depends on Boots, Bindings and skills).


Riding, 90%
Agility, %90
Edgegrip, %90
Uphill, 90%
Traversing, %80
Weight, %100
Features, 85%
Finishing, %90
Sustainability, %80

Milligram – The summit of splitboard performance
The Milligram, successor to the LAB Carbon Split, fuses state-of-the-art materials and construction with the good old fashioned experience.
Experimentation by Amplid’s top secret LAB department has resulted in the development of the lightest splitboard construction on the market. The first step was to replace glass with carbon fiber, which has a significantly higher strength to weight ratio. A BBP core substitutes Poplar with the uber-light wood species Paulownia and Balsa in low impact regions. Birch is used beneath the bindings and around the board edge where structural integrity is fundamental. Low viscosity aerospace epoxy guarantees that every square centimetre of core and carbon fiber is wetted during production for superior adhesion; any excess resin is squeezed out of the sandwich by the powerful press. Fiberglass Impact Pads prevent metal splitboard hardware dinging the board’s topsheet in critical areas.Without connector clips the 163cm board length weighs a mere 2.5 Kg.

Amplid Miligram

The Milligrams directional geometry, designed by Amplid’s owner Peter Bauer, features a very mellow elliptical nose radius and 4mm of taper: Its handling on hardpack is best described as confidence inspiring and in powder it’s a complete joy to ride.
Like every Amplid splitboard, the Milligram comes pre-mounted with Karakoram board clips; these little pieces of “wonder hardware” firmly secure the splitboard halves together for improved performance in ride mode. Pre-cut Kohla climbing skins which fit the Milligram like a glove can be purchased separately.

Check out the Video, the Amplid Miligram is also inside