Rome Double Agent 16-17

Product category: Splitboards
Manufacturer: Rome Snowboards

Season: 2016/17
Price (SRP) from: 700€
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Included: Karakoram Clips & Hooks, Splitboard

Length: 155cm  159cm  
Weight: 3.000g  

Board-Profile: Rocker
Splitboard Rocker Profile

Riding Style / Field of use

Backcountry freestyle is the passion for the Double Agent and he floats in deep pow as well.
Freestyle, 95%
Allmountain, 75%
Powder, 70%
Speed, 70%

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

Ascent: The TurboRods add a lot of stability during ascent and give the board more stiffness.
Descent: The Rome Double Agent Splitboard is very playful with a nearly twin shape design for the freestyle oriented shredder and it likes to spin in powder as well. A slightly longer nose gives you enough floatation in deep pow and despite its short size it has a very good edge hold. The harder flex -thanks to the carbon rods - gives you plenty of pop and allows you to stomp bigger airs. On hardpack you get slightly less grip than its bigger brother the Rome Whiteroom but on the other hand this board is more sweet-tempered and more forgiving.

Snowconditions at the tests: from 20-30 cm of powder to hardpack and slopes
Bindings used for testing: SP und Spark
Boots: Deeluxe und Fitwell

Riding, 75%
Agility, %80
Edgegrip, %70
Uphill, 70%
Traversing, %70
Weight, %70
Features, 65%
Finishing, %70
Sustainability, %60

Splits rule for getting daily access to pow without dropping heavy money on heli time or cat trips.  But most splits are directional boards like the Rome Whiteroom that are designed for down-mountain riding.  The brainchild of a former shop kid, the Double Agent is different. A twin with our FreePop flat rocker, the Double Agent takes a much more freestyle approach to the line that you just skinned up.

More details about the Rome Splitboards can be read here.

The Double Agent in Action:

Video Presentation:


  • Almost Twin Shape
  • Camber: Flat-to-rocker profile combines responsiveness with finesse and float.
  • TurboRods—Carbon Double Barrel - Two TurboRods in the tail add pop
  • AirPop Core Matrix
  • StraightTriax30 Laminate
  • SinterSpeed Base
  • Impact Edges