Deeluxe XVE Boot

Product category: Splitboard Boots
Manufacturer: Deeluxe

Season: 2016/17
Price (SRP) from: 630€
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The Deeluxe XVE, initially is similar to the XV, but has an additional zipper on the instep, which protects the lacing in extreme conditions from freezing and abrasion by the crampons. A strenghthening over the seams protects them from abrasion. A big plus of comfort during the ascent and also in steep ice brings the Walk mode. A Strap allows the rear part of the shaft opening, thus you can move back your leg further and make comfortably wider steps than with traditional splitboard boots. The integrated Boa system, like the Summit has too, pushes the heel well down and keeps it in position.

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Not just at long touring mission but also at challenging terrain - the Deeluxe XVE keeps you safe and warm

For long days and demanding missions, tap the XVe Splitboard Boot. Designed by Xavier de Le Rue, this expedition boot offers unrivaled performance and protection. Its new XLS-System also enhances strides when skinning. Drop into the future.

  • Wide Stride Mode: Loosening the powerstrap extends the shell’s range of motion to -8° for enhanced comfort and longer strides while skinning
  • Snow Cover: New expedition model features a snow cover for additional weatherproofing
  • Backwelt: New plastic backwelt features a grooved heel for rocking semi-automatic crampons

Deeluxe XVE Details:

Deeluxe XVE Splitboard BootFeatures Deeluxe

 XVE Splitboard Boot Features:

Deeluxe XVE Splitboard Boot Features

Xavier presents his setup including XVE Splitboard Boot: