Splitsticks The Sway 14-15

Product category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Splitsticks

Season: 2014/15
Price (SRP) from: 1 440€
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Included: Set includes: Binding, Board, Interface, Crampons and Skins

Splitsticks reinvented the terms simplicity, stability, function, and reliablility when it comes to splitboard binding design. They started with a completely new approach, they even changed the hole pattern of our boards saving 6 inserts compared to industry standards.

Splitsticks The Sway 14-15 Details


They have less parts screwed onto their boards. The philosophy behind their splitboard bindings and interface is to keep things as simple as possible. What is not there, weighs nothing, cannot break, and won´t catch snow. Ice does not stand a chance. "We are proud to announce that the easy way works perfect in the mountains. The system is strong, light (probably the best stability to weight ratio), and easy to adjust. We strived and succeded in engineering all core functions of the splitboard binding interface into the binding itself, dramatically reducing the parts necessary while increasing stability. All connection parts are CNC-machined for the perfect fit. German precision engineering at its best."

For season 14-15 Splitsticks presents 3 boards and 4 diferent bindings (Ladies, Carbon, Freeride, Freesytle).

Functionaly, weight and design is further developed and durability and performance stayed the same.

Please note that the bindings & interface is only sold with the SPLITSTICKS Sets.

The Splitsticks Setup (Binding, Board, Interface, Crampons and Skins) is available only in their webshop at a price of 1440 €.

You want more details about the whole setup? You get it here!

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Splitsticks Presentation Video: "Walk the Sway, ride the Sway"