Karakoram Split 30 12/13

Product category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Karakoram

Season: 2012/13
Price (SRP) from: 600€
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Included: Ink. Interface

Weight: 1.700g  

Karakoram doesn`t want any compromises, accordingly, they provide a very technical splitboard binding.

With the Split 30 binding you should have the same feeling riding your splitboard than riding your solid Snowboard.

With its own interface the Split 30 Splitboard Binding connects your board and binding to a solid unit without affecting the flex and riding performance. Using a lever similar to a quick release at your mountainbike the split 30 can be mounted very quickly from the Hike to the Ride Mode and vice versa.

The Split 30 clips provide an additional fixation between the two board halves, they are also available separately.

The step-in system of this binding allows an extremely fast entry and exit into and out of the binding.

Weight: about 1700g

The only compromise seems to be the price of 650 €, by far it is the most expensive splitboard binding on the market.

Here you can watch a presentation video of the Karakoram Split 30 Splitboard binding:

If you want to see the 11/12 video you can do it here.