Rossignol XV Split

Product category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Rossignol

Season: 2016/17
Price (SRP) from: 699€
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Included: Binding and Interface made by Plum

Weight: 1.900g  

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

What did we like while testing the Rossignol XV 16-17?

  • The U-Profile which encloses the axis - gives even more stability and edge pressure ascending than it already had in 15-16
  • The O2 Straps, give more stability and are very comfortable.
  • The fixation of the little safety hook at the lever - easy handling while closing your binding
  • The Design and super high quality processing
  • Made in Europe

What we didn't like?

  • The mounting of the binding, luckily it only has to be done once

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The XV BINDING developed by Plum is Xav's new pro model for slaying big-mountain terrain, where commitment is key and "almost" isn't an option. MagneBed S³R footbeds hit the 3 key receptor points of the foot, sending you constant feedback for more precision and board feel. 3° of inward canting increases nose and tail pressure for enhanced leverage and pop. With 3D AsymWrap highbacks, 40oz straps and HCX-33 baseplates, the XV delivers instant power transmission and increased comfort for reliable big-mountain performance.

Sure we have already tested this splitboard binding and yes, it is a great binding.  What we liked most are the straps, they just snug in your boot and give you a great feeling and lots of connection. The highbacks doesn`t cover the boot as much as the original Plum highback, so the power transmission is less. The advantage on the other hand is that you are more flexible and the binding is more comfortable while riding.

At the moment there is just one size available.


Presentation Rossignol XV Plum Binding atarting at 1:06 min:


3D Asymwrap Highback:
The asymmetrical highback shape mirrors our canted footbeds to deliver enhanced fit and comfort no matter your stance angle or width. 3D AsymWrap Highbacks wrap around your boot both laterally and vertically, delivering consistent boot and binding contact for instant power transmission and stability.

3° Canted Foodbeds:
This 3° inward tilt naturally returns your feet and legs to their original alignment, relieving the stress of a wider stance and increasing the nose and tail pressure when ollie-ing or buttering.

Magnebed S3R:
There's never enough cushion on bindings. So we're swapping out EVA for Gel Pads under each of the foot's 3-receptor points to maximize shock absorption, remove vibration and minimize fatigue.

Asymlight Buckle:
Asymmetrical diecast aluminum construction for durability and lightness with the freewheel ratchets for quick entry and easy exit.

Angeled Ramps:
The closer the toe ramp to your boot the more the precision of your ride. We've angled the ramps on a selection of our bindings, expanding the contact surface with your boot towards the toe box, opening the door to a new board feel. Note: the boot size shows on the side of the toe ramp for appropriate adjustment.

Eva hardness Indicators:
All MagneBeds and Triad Pads are made of a medial, toe and heel pad, so we're building each pad with a different Hardness value (Shore A) for specific function. Choose the best combination for your riding style and enjoy the blend of comfort and performance. 50A to 60A: enhanced reactivity with a medium to hard value on the medial/toe pads. 40A: increases shock absorption with a softer value on the heel pad.

Extruded Heel Cup Tech:
50% more response, 20% lighter. Micro-adjustments provide freedom of movement and infinite sizing and centering options.

O2 Straps:
Moulded super comfortable and snug straps