Rossignol - Plum Bindung

Product category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Rossignol

Season: 2015/16
Price (SRP) from: 699€
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Included: Bindung und Interface

Weight: 920g  

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

Sure we already have had the binding under our feet and can say that the already great performance of last years binding got boosted again.

Even if it is a bit heavier than last years model the performance is outstanding. The broad U-profile at the binding adaptors in Hike-Mode transfers the power excellently to the edges. This gives you more grip at tricky traverses. You can definitely feel it,

The Safety Lever is easy to close thanks to a two position feature.

As already known the board halfs are tied together what gives the board more torsional stiffness, compared to other systems.

Rossignol Plum Bindung im Test

If pow or tricky traverses, the performance of the Rossignol Plum Splitboard Binding is better than average.


Xavier De Le Rue himself gives his name to this binding! It reflects everything what he expects from a splitboard binding.

Beside great performance the Rossignol Plum Splitboard Binding is CNC machined and super beautiful.

The easy to use flip lock; lightweight but highly robust aluminum alloys; flat low-profile Walls; Pucks in the unique V-shape design that always works well in icy conditions and a reliable clamping mechanism that holds the boardhalfs together.

3D Asym Highback

Asymmetrical Shape 3D Asym Wrap highback harmonizes perfectly with the "Canted Footbeds". Best fit and the highest comfort are the result. No matter at what angle or foot spacing on the board you are. Lateral and vertical encloses the 3D Asym Highback the foot perfectly and ensures powerful and stable contact with the board.

Base Light Buckles

Durable die-cast aluminum construction with Freewheel Ratchet for quick and easy operation.

Tallboy Fitted Straps

New, high-density foam padding in the upper and lower range for even better power transmission. In the central region provides a softer padding more flex and easy entry into the binding. The 3D-shaped core of the straps ensures Custom-fit comfort.