Plum Eterle

for girls & ladies
Category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Plum

Season: 2017/18
Price (SRP) from: 699€
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Included: Binding and Interface

Weight: 1.800g  

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What did we like while testing the Plum Eterle?

  • The Injection Molded Highback if you like it a bit softer
  • The new buckles keep tight 
  • The U-Profile which encloses the axis - gives good stability
  • The fixation of the little safety hook at the lever - easy handling while closing your binding
  • The enclosing highbacks which give aditional stability and edgehold at challenging traverses
  • The Ski-Mode works amazing
  • The Design and super high quality processing
  • Made in Chez Nous

What we didn't like?

  • The mounting of the binding, luckily it only has to be done once
  • It has a bit less power transmission compared to the carbon highback
  • The binding was to small - but anyway it is built for smaller footsize

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Since this season Plum has a specific women splitboard binding in it's range - Eterle. It has the same great features like the Feyan16-17 or better to say the new Eterlou. The Injection Moulded Highback makes this binding something more comfortable than the carbonversion of the top model. It is a binding that works fine in all conditions in the mountains. It offers a real comfort during the ascent through the slightly negative angle of the spoiler that provides better leg lengthening. At the top, a quick and easy manipulation of a few seconds, enough to assemble the two skis together. For the descent it is a true snowboard binding that you find at your feet. 3 positions spoiler are possible during your ride and a wide heel-cup setting ensures a perfect fit to your boots. Available in size S.

The most important parameters regarding a great Splitboard Binding are simplicity and boardfeeling on the hike as well as on the ride.
There is only one mechanism, which allows you to lock from the hike to the ride mode in a single gesture with your gloves on.

Size: S : up to 27 cm external boot sole length and ca.10,5 cm max width

0ne Colour: Pink/Violet

Price: 699€ - crampons not included

Updates 2018, presented by Tal the developer - Eterle / Eterlou starts at min 1:17:


  • CNC machined Alloy block 7075 T6
  • Angle adjustment +35°/-35° Bigger stance amplitude thanks to adjoined holes
  • The tour mode axle is built on a bronze pad cover by Teflon to increase durability and smooth turning Its construction allows a complete natural rolling movement, also for big foot size
  • Dual heel riser Easy heel locker Straps and Highbacks
  • Quick change between ascent and descent mode Locking the binding on the descent interface to tighten the 2 skis together
  • The design of descent interface and binding makes the engagement easy, even with snow on the board
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