Phantom Alpha Ride 17-18

Category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Phantom

Season: 2017/18
Price (SRP) from: 900€
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Included: All for your Hardboot Split

Weight: 900g  

The Phantom Alpha is the most sophisticated hardboot binding in the market. Two sets are available.

A. Contains everything for the Ride-Mode, so no set up to hike. The price is about 600€

B. Is the complete setup to hike and ride, the price is as mentioned above.

it is a great concept and with about 1500-1700g inkluding the interface it is amazingly light. A current splitboard binding for softboots weights around 2,2 kg inkluding interface.

The binding is available in 3 different colours and 3 sizes.

There are splitboarders around who say that is the one and only bindig - yea maybe but you need the hardboots.

There is an adapter availble so you can use this binding also for your solid board.

Unfortunately we didn`t have the chance to try the binding, we just saw it and mounted it. To set all up is a bit fiddly but when done it is an amazing setup where you can really feel the difference in weight.

People who used it are amazed by the uphill performance. 

If anyone has experience and wants to post a review it is mor than welcomed!

All you need including the Quiver-Connector


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