Karakoram Prime Connect

Product category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Karakoram

Season: 2016/17
Price (SRP) from: 449€
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Included: Binding, Interface

Weight: 1.600g  

Splitboard Test Results  Testinfo

What did we like testing the Karakoram Connect?

  •     The concept "one for all" is amazing, it reduces the amount of gear and saves your money.
  •     Changeover from the Split to Solid is super easy and the power transfer is really good, nothing to complain about.
  •     The moulded straps are comfortable have a great fitting are lightweight and seem durable.
  •     Very reasonable price for Karakoram.

What we didn`t like?

  •     Sometimes you have ice on the interface and the changeover from Split- to Ride-Mode is a bit fiddling.
  •     The material doesn`t seem as sophisticated as the of the Prime.

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A true step forward for snowboard bindings. The perfect binding for dynamic riders seeking instant response, the Karakoram Prime Connect sets the standard for what high-end bindings should offer.

Also Available for women!

Karakoram Presentation 2016-17:


Sure, we already tested the Connect, and yes the connect has a good price/performance ratio.

Also new are the Karakoram Ultraclips and the last year presented Flex Lock and Quiver Connector (Check pics in the galery).

The set with quiver connector costs 579,- Euros.


• Quiver ready / Split ready
• Dupont Zytel sidewalls: Damping for handling variable inbounds conditions. 
• Open Chasis: Maintains board’s natural fl ex
• Construction: Dupont Zytel, High Strength Alloy 
Aluminum, Stainless Steel 
• Specifi c Width: Each size fi ts true and snug to your boot.
• Underfoot EVA damping system
• Straps: Air-Form Ankle/Air-form Toe