Bent Metal Split Tail Hunter 13-14

Product category: Splitboard binding
Manufacturer: Bent Metal

Season: 2013/14
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Included: Interface and Binding

The Bent Metal Split Tail Hunter splitboard binding is a collaboration of Lib Tech or Bent Metal and Karakoram.

A splitboard must ride like a solid board is the starting point of cooperation.

Bent Metal used the baseplate of the Split30 and equipped it with a Bent Metal highback. The Highback is something softer than the carbon highback and therefore suitable for freestyle oriented splitboarders as well. Also, the straps are from Bent Metal and the are very comfortablel.

The advantage of the system is that the board halves are pressed together by the binding and a very solid connection between the boardhalfs is formed.

Features Splitboard Bindung Bentmetal Karakoram

Features Karakoram / Bent Metal splitboard binding:

  • Ride Stride forward lean, by a 90 ° rotation of the "Forwardleand Adjusters" You get a "Backwardlean" with 8 ° which has advantages doing log steps while hiking.
  • High Back Air Flow design that improves strenght / weight ratio
  • 5 fixing points optimize the connection of the board halves
  • The tour mode interface frees itself from the snow and is very stable
  • The Tour Mode Axle system brings stifness and smooth turning
  • The Heel Lock Down, allows the fixing of the binding on the board, so you can quickly skate out a flat section, or sideways overcome a steep passage in skiing style.
  • The dual height riser allows two settings of the climbing aid