Splitboard crampons Voile

Manufacturer: Voile

Season: 2011/12
Price (SRP) from: 80€
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Especially when you do steep traverses on hardpack or icy snow the splitboard crampons are a must for your safety. The fixed setting mode is intended for very high loads, where each step has to be really secure. The crampons will be fixed with the climbing heels on the borárd halves. The flexible mode is used to ascent or travers moderate slopes. AT moderate terrain you use the fixation with the pin (metal pin), allowing to lift your heel  similar to a touring ski (which saves energy during the ascent, when the crampons are lifted out of the snow). Two cut-outs in the crampons allow the use of traditional climbing and Voile dual climbing heels.

The Pins for crampons are longer thatn the usual pins, good to know if you loose one. The crampons set contains: 2 splitboard crampons, 2 crampon-pins, 1 transportation-bag Material: 6061-T6 hardened Aluminium Colour: orange

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