Ortovox S1+

Product category: Avalanche transceiver
Manufacturer: Ortovox

Season: 2015/16
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Included: Comfort case + hand strap

Weight: 230g  

No matter whether you are buried or searching, the S1+ combines the best of every situation! The new Ortovox S1+ combines the success stories of two unique transceiver innovations: the display of the relative location of avalanche victims and the SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY! Handling the device is more intuitive than ever. Once switched on, it transmits but when opened up it switches straight to search mode. The illuminated 360° real-time display shows the position in the avalanche and gives unmistakable action instructions. As soon as the person searching begins the pinpoint search, the patented circular display and intuitive search acoustics help the location process. Located victims can now be flagged and the search can continue. Follow-up avalanche switchover and SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY provide a safety plus for the user, while the economic power management protects the environment and your wallet - just two batteries are sufficient for 250 hours in transmission mode. Of course the device is updateable.

The SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY analyses the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the best transmitting antenna. You´re going to be found better! The patentend Smart-Antenna-Technology is compatible with all available LVS-devices. The S1 from Ortovox is equipped with the latest, digital 3-antennas-technology and a motion sensor. If the device doesn´t move for 60 or 120 seconds (this is adjustable) it automatically switches back to transmission mode.

+ Das S1+ ist mit modernster, digitaler 3-Antennen-Technologie sowie mit einem Bewegungssensor ausgestattet. Dieser wird für die Nachlawinenumschaltung benötigt. Registriert der Sensor während der Suche für mehr als 60 bis 120 Sekunden (einstellbar) keine Bewegung mehr, schaltet er automatisch in den Sendemodus. Retter sind so jederzeit vor Nachlawinen geschützt.

+ For maximum protection, Ortovox has equipped S1+ with a Recco-reflector. Recco helps professional rescuers to find victims buried in the snow even faster. The backup technology is used by more than 700 ski areas and rescue teams around the world.

Auto Scan
+ To make the search situation as simple, the S1+ only needs to be flipped open in order to enter the locating mode. The rest is as easy as it gets - you just follow the orders on the display: the device shows you, what you have to do.

+ The S1+ is the only LVS-devices which gives you an overview of the whole burying situation. The display shows you the relative situation of all buried victims, it procures safety while locating and safes time in a rescue situation.

The display couldn´t be designed more intuitively. The crossing point of the vertical bearing line and baseline shows your own position and the direction arrow and distance information lead you along the fastest route to the strongest transmission signal.

Fine Search
+ The patented circular display in combination with the arrows and distance details help you as soon as you´re in the location of a buried avalanche victim. The intuitive display visualizes immediately if you´re departing or nearing yourself to a victim. You can mark the buried victims and instantly continue your search.

+ Development is an ongoing process. To guarantee you that you can always profit from the latest improvements and insights, Ortovox made the S1+ ready for updates. So you can always make sure that it´s up to date.

+ Weight 230g incl. battery 
+ Smart-Antenna-Technologie
+ Follow-up avalanches changeover
+ Recco reflector inside
+ Reception function: digital
+ Signal Analysis
+ Maximum range: 40m
+ Search strip width: 40m
+ Microprocessor control
+ Self test (transmitter, receiver, battery status, sensor test)
+ Permanent monitoring stations
+ Intiutive search acoustics
+ Display + lightning
+ Display of multiple victims
+ Automatic follow-up avalanche changeover after 120 seconds
+ Multiple burials
+ Smart-Antenna-Technology
+ Signal Analysis
+ Partner and group test
+ Updatable
+ Comfort carrying system
+ Marker function

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