Pieps DSP Pro Transceiver

Product category: Avalanche transceiver
Manufacturer: Pieps

Season: 2014/15
Price (SRP) from: 339€
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Included: Beacon / Transceiver

Weight: 198g  

The PIEPS DSP PRO is the successor to the legendary PIEPS DSP and ideal support for all mountaineering pros with high demand to their beacon.

 pieps dsp pro beacon

  •     Maximum circular range of 60 m
  •     Optimized MARK-function supports in case of multiple burial
  •     Perfect readable display under all lighting conditions
  •     Battery lifetime of min. 400 h in send-mode saves energy and the environment
  •     Unique self-check during power-on
  •     Direction and distance indication from the initial detection
  •     3 antennas allow exact fine search
  •     Intelligent transmitter: Auto-Antenna-Switch, iPROBE Support
  •     SCAN-function supports in case of multiple burial
  •     Frequency measurement for extended beacon check
  •     TX600 support
  •     Integrated inclinometer
  •     Check and update possibility to the latest firmware

Carrying System:

  •     High comfort and low weight
  •     Neoprene pouch with comfortable strap
  •     Fast pull system for device handling


  • Auto-Antenna-Switch: A disorder of the transmit antenna (other electronic devices, metal) will result in an automatic switching to the other antenna.
  • iPROBE support: The DSP PRO can be deactivated by the electronic probe iPROBE. The receiver automatically indicates the next strongest signal.
  • SCAN function: The SCAN-function will give you an overview of all buried devices within the maximum detectable range.
  • Frequency measurement: The frequency of all other beacons can be checked. The deviation from the standardized frequency 457 kHz is indicated. The shown number is the deviation in Hz and the arrows indicates + (right) or – (left).
  • TX600 support: The PIEPS TX600 is a mini-transmitter for dogs and equipment that is transmitting out of the standard, EN300718 and can be received with every DSP PRO.
  • Inclinometer: The slop´s angle can be checked reliably with the integrated inclinometer. Auto-Revert Search-to-Send: Optional available with software update.


Technical Data:

  •     Transmission frequency: 457 kHz (EN300718)
  •     Power supply: 3 batteries, alcaline (AAA)
  •     Battery lifetime: min. 400 h send mode
  •     Maximum range: 60 m
  •     Search strip width: 60 m
  •     Temperature range: -20°C bis +45°C
  •     Weight: 198 g (incl. batteries)
  •     Dimensions: 115 x 75 x 28 mm
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