Pieps Jetforce Backpack

Product category: Airbag backpacks
Manufacturer: Pieps

Season: 2014/15
Price (SRP) from: 869€
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Included: Backpack with ventilator and akku

Weight: 3.500g  3.400g  


Easy handling. Multiple deployments. Zero costs.

The PIEPS JETFORCE is the first electronic avalanche airbag technology with jet-fan that only needs ambient air for inflation. JETFORCE is the result of the collaboration between PIEPS and Black Diamond, two leading innovators in snow safety.

The Jetforce Backpack is available in two sizes, Tour Rider with 24 L and Tour Pro with 34 L.

Pieps Jetforce Airbag Backpack


Automatic Self-Diagnosis
The integrated PIEPS electronic performs a system check on every startup and during operation. LEDs indicate the system status.

The battery-powered jet-fan inflates the extremely resistant 200 liter airbag in 3 seconds. Frequently refills prevent that air escapes in case of small scratches.

Multiple Deployments
The travel-friendly and compact lithium-polymer-battery supports 4 or more deployments per charge.

User Practice
The airbag is easy to inflate and repack for several deployments or for practice. Intuitive handling. Zero cost.

Automatic Deflation
The airbag automatically deflates after 3 minutes. In case of emergency the pressure on the buried person is reduced and the evolved 200 liter air pocket ensures oxygen supply. Therefore the chance of survival is rising.



  • Compression strap with non-icing PIEPS buckle
  • Integrated safety strap for glacier tours
  • Special safety gear compartment for shovel and probe
  • Special helmet attachment – removable and easily stowed
  • Combined ski and snowboard carrying system, suitable for all widths


Technische Daten:

  •     Weight: 3500g / 3400g
  •     Colors: black/PIEPS-yellow, black/chili-red
  •     Volume: 34 liters / 24 liters
  •     Sizes: Torso: 41-48 cm, Waist: 66-130 cm


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