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Basically nearly all well-known backcountry ski routes and much more can be done with a splitboard. However, tastes and skills are different and thats's why we share some selected splitboard routes for your trip planning on this site.
Enjoy and become a part of splitboarding.eu. You can post your backcountry routes in a few easy steps. Comments on the current mountaineering-conditions are always welcome, too. Like that we can find the best powder together and enjoy excellent splitboard-rides.

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Our routes and tracks are a support for your tour planning. This replaces neither a map nor local knowledge and under no circumstances is suitable for "blind flights". It is inevitable to plan your tour carefully by your own.

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Tour Gipfelhöhe Anstieg Gehzeit Level Exposition Gebirge GPS
Aignerhöhe 2.104m 754m 2:30 L South, West, Northwest Radstädter Tauern (Niedere Tauern)   
Allerleigruben Spitze 2.131m 700m 2:15 WS North, West Stubaier Alpen   
Alpspitze 2.597m 1.100m 4:00 S North, East, South Wetterstein  
Ammergauer Kreuzspitze 2.184m 1.149m 3:00 ZS North, Northeast Ammergauer Alpen   
Arzler Scharte 2.314m 500m 2:00 S Northeast , South Karwendel   
Axamer Lizum / Hoadl 2.340m 800m 1:45 L North, Northeast Stubaier Alpen  
Birgitzköpfl 1.982m 650m 2:00 L North, Northwest Stubaier Alpen   
Brauneck - Wegscheid 1.550m 880m 2:30 WS Southeast Bayerische Voralpen  
Brecherspitze / Freudenreichsattel 1.620m 510m 1:30 L Southwest, West Bayerische Voralpen   
Breiter Grießkogl 3.287m 1.639m 5:30 ZS North, East, South Stubaier Alpen   
Die Wilde - Vorderstoder Wildalmleiten 1.917m 1.017m 3:30 L North Totes Gebirge   
Feldalphorn 1.923m 957m 2:30 L West, Northwest Kitzbüheler Alpen   
Fleckner 2.331m 931m 2:30 L North Trentino / Südtirol   
Gaiskogel 2.820m 820m 2:00 S North, East Stubaier Alpen  
Geier 2.857m 1.457m 5:00 S North, Northeast Tuxer Alpen   
Geierköpfe Western Summit 2.160m 1.080m 3:30 S North, West Ammergauer Alpen   
Gilfert 2.506m 1.230m 3:30 WS Southwest, West Tuxer Alpen   
Glaitner Hochjoch 2.373m 903m 2:45 WS North Trentino / Südtirol   
Grafennsspitze 2.619m 1.220m 3:00 WS Southwest, West Tuxer Alpen   
Gran Paradiso 4.061m 2.100m 8:00+ S West, Northwest Aostatal  
Grüblspitz 2.395m 95m 0:45 L Northeast , Southeast Tuxer Alpen  
Hintere Karlesspitze 2.641m 900m 2:45 WS North, Northeast , Northwest Stubaier Alpen   
Hochalter 2.673m 673m 2:00 ZS South, Southwest Stubaier Alpen  
Hochwanner 2.488m 578m 2:00 ZS Northeast Stubaier Alpen   
Hohe Kreuzspitze 2.743m 1.300m 3:30 ZS Northeast , Northwest Trentino / Südtirol   
Hohe Warte (Silbersattel) 2.398m 1.062m 3:00 ZS East, South Tuxer Alpen   
Hoher Riffler 3.231m 831m 2:00 ZS Southwest, West Zillertaler Alpen   
Jochgrubenkopf 2.452m 850m 2:30 ZS North Zillertaler Alpen  
Karbacher Berg 2.518m 1.200m 3:00 WS East, Southeast Trentino / Südtirol  
Karleck 1.532m 500m 1:45 L North Oberösterreich  
Karlsbader Hut - Dolomitenhütte 2.260m 700m 1:45 L North, Northeast Gailtaler Alpen   
Kempen 2.199m 860m 2:45 L Northeast Radstädter Tauern (Niedere Tauern)   
Kleiner Ötscher - Riffelsattel 1.552m 800m 2:00 WS North, Northeast , Northwest Niederösterreich   
Krkonoše - Kotelní jámy 1.435m 435m 3:00 WS South Tschechien  
Lämmerbichl 2.100m 550m 1:45 L South Tuxer Alpen  
Lampsenspitze 2.867m 1.175m 3:00 WS East Stubaier Alpen   
Largoz North-West 2.214m 886m 2:30 L Northwest Tuxer Alpen  
Lempersberg 1.750m 670m 2:00 L Southwest, West Bayerische Voralpen   
Mont Blanc de Tacul 4.248m 635m 3:00 S Northeast , West, Northwest Frankreich  
Napfen (Fischers Napf) 2.493m 873m 2:45 ZS West Tuxer Alpen   
Naviser Kreuzjöchl 2.536m 1.140m 3:00 WS Northwest Tuxer Alpen   
Obere Röbialpe 1.870m 775m 3:00 WS Northeast Silvretta   
Pfoner Kreuzjöchl (South) 2.640m 1.150m 3:00 WS North, Southeast, South Stubaier Alpen   
Pfriemesköpfl 1.801m 930m 2:30 L Northeast Stubaier Alpen   
Piatra Mare 1.600m 800m 2:30 WS East, Northwest Rumänien   
Piz Minor 3.049m 1.003m 3:30 WS North Graubünden  
Rauthhütte 1.600m 440m 1:15 L East Mieminger Kette   
Rietzer Grieskogel 2.884m 1.014m 2:45 WS South, Southwest Stubaier Alpen   
Rofanspitze 2.259m 428m 1:30 L South, Southwest Rofangebirge  
Rötenspitze 2.481m 1.042m 2:30 WS East, Southeast, South Stubaier Alpen   
Sagtaler Spitze (Standkopf) 2.241m 1.161m 3:00 WS Northeast , East, Northwest Kitzbüheler Alpen   
Schafreuter (Schafreiter) 2.101m 1.250m 3:00 L West Karwendel   
Schafzoll 2.426m 626m 2:00 WS East Stubaier Alpen   
Schartenschartl - Dolomiten hut 2.620m 1.100m 3:30 SS North, Southeast, South Gailtaler Alpen   
Schönberg 1.621m 820m 2:00 L North, West, Northwest Bayerische Voralpen   
Schöntalspitze 3.002m 1.368m 3:30 ZS Northeast , East Stubaier Alpen   
Schöpfing 2.143m 813m 3:00 L Northeast , South Radstädter Tauern (Niedere Tauern)   
secret one 299m 200m 2:00 SS North, Northeast , East Stubaier Alpen  
Simmering 2.096m 1.056m 2:45 L Northeast , East Mieminger Kette   
Taschachhaus 2.434m 694m 2:30 WS Northeast Ötztaler Alpen   
Tettensjoch 2.100m 819m 3:00 WS Northwest Tuxer Alpen  
Tresenta 3.363m 630m 2:15 ZS North, West, Northwest Aostatal  
Wankspitze 2.209m 1.058m 2:30 WS South, Southwest Mieminger Kette   
Wechnerscharte 2.758m 893m 2:30 WS North, Northeast Stubaier Alpen   
Weissseespitze 3.518m 618m 1:30 S North, Northeast , Northwest Ötztaler Alpen  
Wetterkreuzkogel 2.587m 857m 2:15 L Northeast , East Stubaier Alpen   
Wilder Pfaff 3.458m 658m 2:30 S North, West Stubaier Alpen  
Wurzer Alpenspitze 2.382m 980m 2:30 L North Trentino / Südtirol   
Zischgeles Spitze 3.005m 1.318m 4:00 WS Northeast , East Stubaier Alpen   
Zuckerhuetl across Pfaffenferner 3.505m 705m 2:45 S North, West Stubaier Alpen  
Zwieselsbacher Rosskogel 3.087m 1.441m 4:00 ZS North, Northeast , East Stubaier Alpen