Lonelier, equally beautiful alternative to Fleckner and great views into the Passeiertal.

Tour Data
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Difficulty SAC: WS
Summit altitude: 2.373m
Start altitude: 1.470m
Vertical height: 903m
Walking time h:min: 2:45
Exposition: North,
Best season: All winter
How to get there:

Brenner motorway to Sterzing, than folling the signs into Ridnauntal up to Stange. There you turn left into the Ratschingstal untill you almost reach the village Flading.

Route description
Starting point:

Small parking lot just before the village Flading at the junction of Flading forest road to the interior Wumblsalm.


Either along the forest path to the first bend and over the forest glade up to the inside Wumblsalm (less steep version). Or directly from the starting-point quite steep and often icy through the sparse forest right up to the Alm. Then we walk south-west onto the broad back, flat at first then more steeply to the ridge. Respecting cornices on the ridge we hike to the west and reach the summit


As ascent or in secure conditions directly from the peak in the steep northern slope and on to the Alm. Passing the Alm we ride through a sparse forest (often icy) back to the starting point.

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