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Municipality: Lenggries

THE classic in the Karwendel foothills up THE local Munich touring mountain. There can be a hundred ski tourers up there, but not without reason. The panoramic views are stunning and the downhill offers a lot of variations in the upper part.

Tour Data
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Difficulty SAC: L
Summit altitude: 2.101m
Start altitude: 855m
Vertical height: 1.250m
Walking time h:min: 3:00
Exposition: West,
Best season: All winter
How to get there:

From Bad Tölz via Lenggries in direction to Sylvenstein. At the top of the dam turn right to Fall and Vorderriß. There left into the Rißbachvalley (Eng) until shortly after the the Oswald hut (on the right side, bus-stop). Parking at the roadside.

Route description
Starting point:

Shortly after the Oswald hut, a forest road on the left hand side leads up in southern direction.


The first third of this route follows the moderately steep forest road. Soon the first views open, so the one-hour forest road ascent won't be that boring.
At about 1360m the road makes a left turn at a small streambed. Here you leave the road to the right according to the Alpine Club's sign "Nature friendly ski touring" and you choose the ascent via Mooslahner alp.
Now you follow the streambed steeper up till the access road to Mooslahner alp. You can also cross the stream straight after leaving the road and hike up to the alp a bit more direct on the other side of the stream bed.
You pass the alp on the left and continue up the open pasture to the East, further on in the same direction through a short wooded belt and you then reach the lower part of a broad forest aisle which comes down from the ridge. Follow the aisle until the forest clears and then turn sharp to the South to avoid the steep slope (depending on avalanche situation it could be necessary to traverse to the south already within the forest). Overcoming a ridge you reach moderate broken terrain and hike up, now again to the East, till you reach the cornice draped Northwest ridge. Caution with poor visibility!
Follow the ridge in a safe distance to the North face to the small secondary summit (ski depot). The summit can be reached by foot within a few minutes over the, most times undemanding, ridge.


Like ascent route or depending on snow/avalanche conditions on the left or right (steep) of it, down the wide western slopes to Mooslahner alp. Then following the ascent route back to the forest road and as the only downside, on the forest road back to the street (early snow-free in spring).

Ascent route map (show/hide)


  • Alt
    18. January 2016 - 19:49 Log in or register to post comments
    Group Size: Solo
    Kind of Tour: Splitboard
    Avalanche Warning Level: 3
    Risk potential: niedrig
    Comment / Trip report:

    war heute am Schfreuter unterwegs. Massig Schnee, teilweise bis über die Knie, aber nur geringe Auflage auf Kämmen - dies hat leider zu einém sehr unschönen Crash geführt

    Kämme und Grate sind stark überwächtet, vorsicht an Übergängen von viel zu weniog Schnee

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    18. January 2016 - 19:51 Log in or register to post comments
    Date of Tour: 9 months ago
    Kind of Tour: Splitboard
    Comment / Trip report:

    trotz der Verhältnisse war es möglich beim Beginn der Latschen in die steile mit Latschen durchsetzte Rinne einzufahren.

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    8. February 2016 - 7:53 Log in or register to post comments
    Group Size: Duo
    Kind of Tour: Splitboard
    Avalanche Warning Level: 2
    Risk potential: Altschnee
    Comment / Trip report:

    Föhnbedingt im Mittelteil bitte ca. 1400hm auf Grund der südlage teils aper.
    Oberhalb von 1400hm schwerer bis windgeprester Schnee.