LWD Tirol
Allgemeine Gefahrenstufe: 1, Frühjahrsverhältnisse: günstig am Vormittag - Anstieg der Gefahr mit Durchfeuchtung
Allgemeine Gefahrenstufe: 2, Am frühen Vormittag verbreitet günstige Verhältnisse - tageszeitlichen Anstieg beachten
Municipality: Navis

Cool little difficult splitboard / backcountry tour on the sunny side of the Navis valley. Many variants and also steep descents, in appropriate circumstances.

Tour Data
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Difficulty SAC: WS
Summit altitude: 2.640m
Start altitude: 1.490m
Vertical height: 1.150m
Walking time h:min: 3:00
Exposition: North,SoutheastSouth,
Best season: All winter
How to get there:

A12 then A13 direction Brenner, exit Matrei we leave the highway and then follow the signs to Navis and then to Grünhöfe.  Here we park at the parking lot (parking fee) Liasen at the end of the Oberweg.

Route description
Starting point:

Parking lot Liasen at Grünhöfe


On the road we are moving in the direction Peeralm, of course, splitboards and backcountry skis in hike-mode, then at the sign Seapnalm we turn left. Later, above the Seapnalm we leave the Wetterkreuz (2148 m) on the right, passing two steep steps to the north-west and reach the Winterstallgrad.
We leave it to our left and move the tips of our splitboards (backcountry ski) to the north. Then we hike in a left curve to the south up to Pfonner Kreuzjöchl (2640m). There is also the opportunity to continue north-east and climb the Seeblesspitze to enjoy the ride from there.


There are many, well clear variations that offer descents for every splitboard-levels, with appropriate snow conditions and avalanche safety.

Ascent route map (show/hide)