31 December 2016    

Everyone can join, pen into your hand and off you go! Draw, paint, write or sketch what splitboarding means for you and get 1500 WinterGames Bonus points plus a shirt with your winning motif.

A word, a slogan or a sketch - Show us what splitboarding is for you and send us an image of your splitboard feelings. The most popular idea will be printed on our next team shirts or sweaters. Everyone who has uploaded their own proposal will be rewarded with 500 meters.

The chosen one will receive a copy of their shirt and a 1500 meters winner bonus for the game around the main prize.

You are the jury and each vote given is rewarded with 25 meters.

Your vote wanted!

Do you think you can do this better?
Then let's start, here you can upload your try:

The sketch must be single colored!

Do you like this article? You have questions or suggestions? Grab 100 wintergames meters for your comment and win a splitboard binding!