30 October 2012    

Arbor Europe invited us to their opening party of the new headquarter and so the last Saturday we cruised into the beautiful Chiemgau through the first dense snowfall. Here are our impressions and the latest news about the Arbor Snow- and Splitboards.

View? Meadow .. Cows .. Mountains, Yesss!
The joy of moving to the new Arbor temple in Chiemgau is written to Philipp's face. Logically, next to Customer Care and Sales he is a rider and like the whole Arbor team Arbor excited to be in the mountains. After a friendly welcome we start with him on a tour of the premises. In the showroom we take a look to the entire 2013 collection. One has to say, there are very stylish devices. The legendary unique wooden desks betray the traditional love of wood, other designs like by Sylvia Ji, bring true arts onto the board.

Before the live band starts to rock the party, we see an opportunity to talk to Gregor Common, CEO of Arbor Europe, on the subject of splitboarding. Gregor started 10 years ago for his first splitboard tours and  accumulated, like us, abundant tour experience. On the old discussion topic  "Splitboard vs. Snowshoe vs. Ski"  we instantly find a common denominator, you just can not compare apples to oranges.So we prefer to squeeze him out about the current developments. More and more boards (also splitboards) are sold as a rocker shape, so how good hold the edges when traversing or is there a miracle-split board that combines the advantages of camber and rocker shapes?

Rocker boards are very lively, have fat lift and forgive many mistakes. That's a great advantage for those who just get started in this great sport. The downside are crossings in non-optimal conditions, since crampons are soon required. Anyway with some practise these Splitboards are also excellent in technical terrain
A purebred Camber Board, is the best choice concerning the edge grip. Even going downhill in technical terrain,  Camberboards have advantages, given that u have strong thighs and a sophisticated boarding technique.
Hybrid boards try to combine the advantages of both shapes, so better edge grip when traversing, good grip in technical terrain, sufficient lift and at the same time lively. This is probably why pure Cambers are represented less and less on the marke in favor of new hybrid structures.

But yeah who would have thought, of course, there is not the miracle-splitboard. Hybrid boards are the best possible compromise of two fundamentally different shapes and they are tuned like the other boards on the different needs of drivers and terrain use. In addition to the universality, when splitboarding there are also these and those claims. Bottom line: Everyone knows their preferences and can therefore opt for a matching board. You can see here which brands with which features and specifications are on the market.

Back to the party. In short, nice people, a BBQ out there in the first iciness, indoor hot pumpkin soup, live band, hot wine punch and plenty of local beers .. combined with the first snowfall a successful cocktail for a nice afternoon at Arbor Stephanskirchen.

Not to mention, of course, we have also carefully examined  the Arbor Abacus splitboard. First only in the dry, but the features and appearance look like a beautiful device. Whether it does what it promises can be read soon here in our splitboarding.eu - test.

Thanks to Arbor.