27 August 2013    

There are still two providers of specific splitboard or snowboard mountaineering boots. Of course you can also use your "normal" snowboard boots. However, the splitboard boots have the advantage that they are relatively stiff and thereby improves the transmission of power to the board. At crossings, long traverses or hard snow conditions you have advantages in terms of edge grip and comfort while splitting. Another advantage of these boots is the usability of semi-automatic crampons. You step in, pull the lever, pull the straps tight and you are solved. The crampons fit and rarely move.

So if you are in a delicate situation and unexpectedly you switch to the crampons, even when your Vibram sole has lots of grip, you have some extra safety, the assembly is faster and the crampon fits better.


But now we give you the info about the splitboard boots. In the upcomming Season 13-14 Deeluxe offers three splitboard boot models, which can also be used for "normal" snowboarding.


The top model of Deeluxe, the Spark Summit - Full leather

Splitboard Boot Spark Summit 13-14


The well known Spark XV - again revised by Xavier De Le Rue


The Independent BC - the proven conventional lacing also works well in hard use of backcountry working.


 Fitwell offers the Backcountry Boot - Designed and made ​​in Italy

A click on the images and you come directly to the model.

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    So these are the only split oriented softboots out there ?

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    20. December 2013 - 10:35 Log in or register to post comments

    These are the only boots, ready for Crampones, there are others which are good as well, but not prepared for crampones. Excited to see the new models of next year.