25 August 2013    

As you already know from our ISPO News there has been a lot of development in Splitboard Bindings for the upcomming season. Now the time is right to give you the first update. Check it out and built your own opinion about it. If you have any comments, do not hesitate to comment.

If you would like more information, simply click on the images and you get the full information on each of the pictured products. To get to the overview, click here.

Spark R & D, there are earth-shattering news - The pin at the Voile interface belongs to the past. Tesla from Spark R&D makes it possible!

Spark R&D Splitboard Bindung Magneto


Karakoram, brings the world's first women-specific splitboard binding on the market!

Karakoram SPlitboard Bindung Women Split30


SP United comes with a convenient and well-designed splitboard binding with comfortable rear entry and easy to mount crampons!

SP Splitboard Bindung


Voile has tuned its Light Rail binding and comes with some tweaking!

Voile Splitboard Bindung Light Rail 13-14


For the sake of completeness we would like to mention the following companies that diversify the market and bring interesting developments. More information to follow at the beginning of the season.

Ranger from New Zealand working on the new models, here you get a little sneak preview.


SplitSticks is a new system on the market. They cleared the ISPO Brand New Award 2013, but it is available only with their own boards, here is the info.